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Blue Dragon Creamed Coconut block

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  • Blue Dragon Creamed Coconut block


    I was just wondering how good for you this is. It's supposed to be 100% coconut, but then I've fallen for that one before. I've been eating this stuff for a while now without any issues. Now all of a sudden I've started feeling dizzy/spaced out afterwards so I wonder if they've changed the way they extract it somehow.

    I emailed their customer services team though they're ignoring me.

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      I have lots of food/chemical sensitivities and so have to eat a very bland, simple diet and keep a log to stay on top of it.


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        I find creamed coconut is an affordable and delicious way of buying coconut. It is so versatile, can be used for cream, milk, and sauces. My favourite use if grating it and using it as coconut flour, its far more moist and lower carb than regular coconut flour. When you warm it, it makes a great alterantive to nut butters too.

        Anyway, in theory it shouldnt cause you problems, but remember that eating any purified substance like that in big qtys (especially if youre not used to it) can have effects. Just think about it, normal coconut has a high water content. Your block is probably like 4-5 real coconuts. So it could be a bit of an overload for your body. Eat it in moderation with other things.

        ive heard of coconut intolerance but its got to be really rare... do some reading

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          I love it too. I chop it into sugar lump sized pieces and use it in stir fries or just microwaved with meat and veg. Any more than a few pieces at once and I feel sick because it's so rich so it's not something I overdose on.

          I'm usually fine with natural coconut products, but have been caught out before, e.g. with bleached/treated flour and el-cheapo, chemically extracted KTC coconut oil. That's why I'm wary of what manufacturers don't say on their packaging/ingredients list.