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  • Help for Mrs. Grok... :(

    Ok, so the wife and I are in the process of embracing out inner Grok and going Primal. We started the conversion on Jan 16, 2012. So far so good.

    In the last 16 days, I have lost almost 12 lbs and the pants are noticeably looser. (Muscles feeling it too, but that's also a good thing.) I own my own business and can make time for fitness rather easily. That's the good part.

    My wife, Julie, is having a much tougher time. She is an accountant at a major health care facility in our area. She hits the door at 7 and works non stop (there are many days when she never leaves her desk at all) until 4:30 Monday - Friday. To add to the fun, she is torturing herself by attending classes working on her Master's Degree, so that eats up every Wednesday evening for class and weekend time for study and homework. All this in addition to being a mom and wife. While I do the bulk of the cleaning, dishwashing, laundry, etc (after all Grok may be a caveman, but he's not stupid. Happy wife = happy life,) she still feels the stress of the never ending task of raising teenagers and keeping a home. This all leads to her not finding time to exercise regularly. When we do, it's a 3 mile walk in the neighborhood (45 min total) or the occasional trail or beach walk. This happens maybe twice a week.

    She is eating completely primal with her carbs coming mostly from plants and she is staying under 75-100 carbs a day. She does snack on almonds during the day, and the occasional Chobani yogurt. She is getting frustrated because she is seeing almost no weight loss and no noticeable loosening of the clothes. Not to mention some constipation issues that she has always dealt with.

    We are wondering if we are missing something here. I know this is not much info to go on, but has anyone else dealt with similar issues? I know she wont see the same results as I will because I have added the training to go with the nutrition, but geez, not even a pound?

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    I didn't lose any weight for a month. Once it started, I really didn't need to get much exercise. I went hiking on the weekends and took an easy walk at lunch most days, which sounds like a lot but it wasn't because my walks were more like bird watching and moseying plus I quit running and stuff that made me sweat.

    What helped me was to go very low carb at first, and with that get plenty of electrolytes. I favored greens and mushrooms over other kinds of vegetables (still do). No snacks between meals. Instead I ate bigger meals and more saturated animal fat (butter or cream mostly.) Nuts and cheese tend to cause weight gain so those were out. Too many calories in such a small package. Things really improved when I stopped eating yogurt for breakfast and started eating eggs and bacon-style breakfasts. Wasn't as hungry during the day. Didn't need snacks, didn't even need lunch. That got the ball rolling.

    Since then I've had to do some intermittent fasting and have started to "lift heavy things" starting with my own body since I lack any muscles above the hips. I take a core-fitness class. The class plus the bulletproof intermittent fasting (where I drink a buttered coffee for breakfast and don't eat until lunch) seems to be moving things forward after a 2 month stall and giving me hope maybe I can be something better than a dowdy old middle-aged lady someday.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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      Sometimes it takes weeks for a body to heal, before it will start shedding fat. She's been going for two. Her body is the result of years of eating and exercise habits. Why would she think it should suddenly fix itself in two weeks?

      Snacks make you weak and fat. She needs to stop.

      She needs to get away from her desk for at least a few minutes every hour or two.

      See if there is a way she can start doing Body By Science workouts. It's one really intense workout every 7-10 days, though it's not the easiest to find a coach or trainer teaching this method.


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        Only things I can suggest that might help get the weight shifting is to eat more at meal times instead of snacking. Also if her cortisol is elevated from all the stress it can slow things down. I was incredibly stressed the month of December with absolutely no cheating and I didn't lose a pound but as soon as Christmas was done and the kid back to school I started losing weight again.


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          Thanks, Ladies! Please keep the advice coming. I'm talking her to sleep at night with all the ideas and encouragement.


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            Has she had any signs of carb flu? If not, then she's probably still in her sugar-burning stage ==> no fat loss yet.
            Not everyone gets carb flu, but it's a tangible sign to look for.

            The first month of primal is usually chock full of snackies like nuts and yogurt, to make up for the loss of an entire food group. With a little will power and a little more fat at mealtimes, that gradually slacks off.

            "I'm talking her to sleep at night." <-- anyone want to take the bait on this one?
            5'0" female, 45 years old. Started Primal October 31, 2011, at a skinny fat 111.5 lbs. Low weight: 99.5 lb on a fast. Gained back to 115(!) on SAD chocolate, potato chips, and stress. Currently 111.


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              I understand her frustration. I didn't really loose that much weight till I cut out all dairy and nuts. I also have to try to be 100% on the food. the 80/20 rule just doesn't work for me. If I do cheat it is still a primal food like nuts.

              Adding coconut oil to her diet should help with the constipation.

              Good luck to you both!


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                Originally posted by oxide View Post
                "I'm talking her to sleep at night." <-- anyone want to take the bait on this one?
                Yeah, I kind of left that out there didn't I. With her schedule being 0700 - 1630 and mine being 1200-2100, the only time we have to relax and talk is late at night when she should be sleeping. Hence, one or both of us ends up falling asleep in mid conversation many nights.

                Also, and update, she has now dropped dairy (except for 1Tbsp of heavy cream in her one cup of coffee in the mornings) and is trying to avoid nuts. Getting her to eat enough meat protein is tough, because of the budget. However, she LOVES bacon, and I am keeping her supplied with baggies of bacon as snacks, so maybe we can move in the right direction. She is still not dropping weight, but she put on a pair of pants this morning for "casual day" at work, and got a big smile when she noticed that they were not as snug as they were 3 weeks ago.

                Grok on!


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                  Thanks for sharing, but there is a little issue, ambiguous for me. I share it if it won't be considered disgusting and
                  admin tolerate it.
                  Should I do?


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                    Yep, if they can tolerate a thread calling for the assasination of a political candidate, they can tolerate a body function issue.
                    Learning the intricacies of healthy eating and nourishing my body the right way.
                    I am not bald, that is a Vitamin D collector. Time to Grok and Roll!
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                      I fully understand the frustration. It seems like there is a decent % of the population - - more female than male, from what I can tell - - that has an incredibly difficult time losing weight even when we're being just as strict about our diets as everyone else here. It also seems like it's often the same people who have a lot of difficulty getting a good night's sleep, suggesting that the root cause may be hormonal issues. I keep cutting back and being ever more strict on snacking, meal timing, portions, fat/protein/carb ratios, and giving up most of my favorite foods (berries, cheese, nuts) - - and no results! I literally weigh the exact same amount (w/same measurements) as I did when I ate mostly carbs, snacked constantly, and consumed more calories overall. I've been combing through these forums and I've seen a decent number of other women report the same thing, so at least I'm not alone. Hopefully with the huge number of people here reading and offering advice, we can eventually get this population segment out of the rut! I'm feeling optimistic today.