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Fasting after a Cheat!

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  • Fasting after a Cheat!

    Last night I ate a handful of marshmallows after a day of normal Primal eating. The marshmallows were swimming in a cup of hot chocolate. The devil on my shoulder whispered that marshmallows are made from pig fat. This didn't make me feel less guilty, just a little more amused.

    I find I end up fasting the day after falling off the wagon.
    Does anyone else do this to reset your body (if indeed, a day of fasting can accomplish that)?

    Does it help you regain control of your appetite?

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    Marshmallows and hot chocolate? Just eat and move on. Don't fast to punish yourself for a minor indulgence.


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      It helps you down the path to an eating disorder. "Cheats" should not be given any serious weight. Enjoy and continue as usual.
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        I didn't think of it in that respect.


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          Fasting after a non-primal meal doesn't work for me. The sugar makes me more likely to cave in and grab whatever is convenient when I get hungry during the fast .

          What works best for me is to make sure to eat three solid primal meals the day after - starting with a huge protein/fat breakfast. It kills any cravings that may be set off by the sugar.

          However, following a single cup of hot chocolate with a few marshmallow I wouldn't necessarily to anything different the next day. It is a pretty minor infraction.
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            Don't get sucked into that trap. If you want to fast, or really don't want to eat, fine. But no "atoning" for something that wasn't primal.
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              I'm doing Leangains + Paleo so I fast everyday, but every two weeks to a month, I get the urge to satisfy my cravings. Don't beat yourself up if you sneak in a cheat or two here and there. The thing that matters in the end is that you go right back to being Primal unlike 90% of Americans who try a diet, cheat, then guilt themselves into thinking the diet isn't for them.

              But yes, fasting can offset the 'damage' you did with the cheat meal. Just make sure you have adequate protein intake on the day you cheat so that your body has ample supply of amino acids during the fast.
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                It's a handful of marshmallows, not a meth-binge.
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                  A lot of programmes have a fast day following a cheat day. (Though that wasnt a cheat day). Then low and mod carb followed by the cheat again. lean Saloon uses fasting to maintain leanness whilst eating foods he likes.
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