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confused eat more no muscle gain body fat

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  • confused eat more no muscle gain body fat

    A good trainer told me that to gain more muscle I need to eat more protein, fat, and good carbs, and drink milk, eat veggies with starch (potatoes, sweet potatoes). And, that I will gain more BF which is required to gain muscle mass. I follow the PB eating routine of low good carbs, more fat than protein. Haven't gained muscle or lost the last of belly fat.

    Feeling low on energy and doing Crossfit is not working.

    So, today I drank some half and half milk, increased my fat and protein intake. I feel better than before (low carb, lean protein, and good fats).

    I am a little frustrated trying to gain muscle and lose the last undesired body fat, and feeling run down.

    Any one else fall into this category? Any suggestions?

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    David, there is a lot more to it then just eat more.

    1. How are you lifting to gain muscle

    2. How much recovery time to build muscle

    3. how much sleep are you getting

    4. how is your stress level

    5. Hormone levels. it is not just about insulin, but also Gh and Testosterone.