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  • what they are teaching the kids

    Today while I was at the school subbing we had an assembly done by a local dental office. What a way to drum up business...Anyway, the woman was talking about foods that are "good" and "bad" for teeth. Here's the lists, try not to get too frustrated:
    "Bad" Foods for Teeth:
    ~Oreos (duh)
    ~Gummi Bears (of course)
    ~Strawberries with chocolate (!!!); strawberries alone were okay but chocolate is terrible for you. I know, dark chocolate is best, the higher the cocoa content the better but seriously...

    "Good" Foods for Teeth:
    ~Yogurt (Go-Gurt was specifically mentioned! Um...sugar content, anyone?)
    ~Sugar-Free Jello and Pudding
    ~Plain potato chips!

    Mentioned on the lists sent home to parents, sugars of all types, fructose, glucose, dextrose, etc, are bad for teeth and should be avoided. So that would eliminate virtually all fruits, and fruit is not always the enemy (depending on your personal needs, wants and sensitivities). However, the good list had Go-Gurt on it! And the potato chips. How about the awful oils the chips are fried in? And the other barely pronounceable ingredients to keep the potatoes shelf stable. Cheez-its?? Seriously? The sugar-free junk made with Splenda or some other junk, plus the weird ingredients.

    I was just furious that our kids are being told, erroneously, what is best for them by those whom they have been taught to trust. And of course, their parents will buy into it as well. Or just won't give a crap. It already bugged me how many kids brought in chips and juice boxes/bottles whose first or second ingredient is HFCS or sugar of some sort.
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    AHHH! *head desk

    unbelievable :C how about goods for your teeth like LEAFY GREENS!! i think dentists just want these kids to get cavities for the money in their pockets :C


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      You're probably right about that!
      I NEED Sunshine! And a beach would be nice too!
      Started Primal living February 14, 2011


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        ugh! my kid's first week of school, he came home telling me that's it's wrong to eat meat (we worked through that fallacy together). if it gives you any consolation, i'm sure some of these kids know better. i know mine would've been able to point out the crap. he comes home to tell me about the crap the other kids had for lunch.
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          I volunteer with the junior achievement program in the area teaching responsible finance and economics to high school/middle school students. The teacher recently emailed me to bring in candy/cookies as rewards during my lesson. I responded back that I would be happy to bring in healthy snacks...she never messaged me back
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