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Four week results...and carbs?

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  • Four week results...and carbs?

    I'm 4 weeks into primal. In those 4 weeks, I've lost somewhere between 12-14lbs (most of that being bloat from the holidays), dropped 2" from waist and 2" from chest, and my body fat decreased 1.6%.

    Not earth-shattering, but still progress.

    So now I reach out for opinions:

    I'm 5'10", weight ranges from 176-181 (depending on the morning), BF % is at 18.3. My goal is shed body fat. I'm not as concerned with weight. Just body fat. I'm keeping between 50-80g carbs most days, but since I'm doing P90X, I'm wondering if I need to aim higher for fat loss?

    I know the book says 50-100 for effortless fat loss, but I see a lot of post on here saying eat more carbs if more active, add white rice, a bit confused on whether to tweak anything or not.

    Thoughts/opinions? And yes...I'm results oriented.

    I do P90X for my exercise. Find it is not too far off the primal trail, outside of length. I'm wondering if the l

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    12-14lbs in four weeks is a very impressive loss. You've been losing over 3 lbs a week, which is very fast.

    Unless you're feeling fatigued, I wouldn't change anything. If you begin to feel tired, throw in a sweet potato every couple of days or drink some coconut water. In the future, you may feel like you have to adjust, but that's okay.

    I'm an active kettlebell enthusiast and I keep my carbs around 50g, sometimes lower. It's all about figuring out what works for you.
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      Are you bonking? Eat more carbs. If not, I wouldn't

      You're not overweight and losing over 3lbs a week. That's a nice pace.

      I'm doing P90X2 and have lost 10lbs so far this month. No bonking yet! Bring it.
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        I'm not bonking. Not even close. I am using a pre-workout supp which helps with energy, but even before I was using that I never felt close to bonking. I'm not looking at switching things up quite yet (going to wait until I plateau) before I alter a lot, but just looking ahead to things I may need to account/adjust for.

        And a bit more info:

        I take some measurements every 2 weeks (weight + inches measurements + body fat). My first 2 weeks I took just inches. Had lost 1.75" in chest, 1.25" in waist. The next two weeks I lost only .25" in chest and .75" in waist. In 2 weeks I'll measure again and see at that point if I need to adjust anything.


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          sounds like you re right on. good job.