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Why are people so afraid of fasting?

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  • Why are people so afraid of fasting?

    I do get it~ really~ CW has brainwashed everyone into thinking they must eat 3 meals every day or they will ruin their metabolism~ it's a good thing cave men didn't have to deal with this nonsense~ we might not be here!

    Thing is, while it's nice to have a constant supply of food, that's not the nature of this beast (us). The reason IF is so effective is because it mimics the way we evolved~ food wasn't always there for the taking~ we adapted.

    The reason people lose their appetite when they're ill is part of the healing process~ digestion takes a lot of energy, energy needed for healing~ and deliberate fasting also directs that energy to restoring health~ sort of throwing out the body's garbage instead of continuing to trip over it~

    I really think it's misunderstood from a therapeutic perspective~just say fasting and it seems like everyone thinks *hunger strike*~ Not what I'm talking about at all~ Am I the only one here that has had positive results from fasting?

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    No, you are not the only one. I IF once a week because it is just easier with my work. I always feel great and have lots of energy when I do it. It seems like I sleep better that night too.

    I bet there are lots of others who get a lot out of fasting too.


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      Hmm, I'm just still at the point where i enjoy eating. I used to fast when i was a practicing Muslim. Yeah, I'd rather eat.
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        I IF several times a week~ it just seems to work out that way~ sometimes I'm just not hungry, others, I'm busy and not hungry enough to stop and take a break~ seems to work for me, I don't like my day to be driven by food (eating)~

        But on several occasions over the years, I've done longer fasts~ I used a 5 day water fast to quit smoking 15 years ago~ have had no desire to smoke since, even though I go to casinos where there is smoking~

        I water fasted for 10 days about 20 years ago so my body could heal from eczema~ it was also how I first learned that grains were the cause of the outbreaks~ If I had listened to CW, I would have been doing rounds of Prednisone all these years instead~ I was told I would always have eczema and the Dr. said 'they' didn't know what caused it~

        I wouldn't say everyone should do longer (than IF) fasts, I had specific goals that were best achieved with my fasts~ but it isn't something to fear, either!


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          Lots of people on this forum fast.
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            I often fast in the morning, and sometimes I have unplanned fasts when I just don't feel like eating, so I don't, or I am busy and don't get a chance to stop to have a meal. I find with primal eating that I don't get blood sugar crash type hunger, so it's fairly effortless to miss a meal here and there either by choice or because life just happens that way.
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              Originally posted by Nady View Post
              Am I the only one here that has had positive results from fasting?
              By no means.

              Not many people, I find, have read the literature about how starving oneself won't help you lose weight and think that IF is just what stereotypical dieters do - starving. Of course, if you're used to sugar cravings you'll probably imagine doing IF and chewing the desk with the cravings slowly driving you insane. Those who have read the literature are so paranoid about the body holding onto extra fat from fasting that they think that they MUST eat three meals a day, even if not hungry.

              If you eat like I do - good amount of fat in the morning, carbs restricted to to those from green vegetables, no refined sugar - a session of IF (which is usually ONE missed meal, guys) is easy. Try it. Have a couple of strips of pork belly for breakfast and go to work. You'll notice later in the day how hungry you aren't, and you realise that you can make it to dinner without eating anything else, easy.
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                CW - "fasting" = starvation mode and/or anorexia. Fact.

                (Please note a sarcastic tone)

                I tend to IF in terms of skipping a mealtime if I'm not hungry. I don't tend to force the fast. I seem to gravitate to two meals a day, and to be fair 3 meals a day are a modern invention, never mind 4, 6, 8....


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                  I'm not!

                  part of my journey began with a 31 day juice fast... that resulted with a 55 pound loss and exposed my gluten intolerance...

                  plus i have always skipped meals and always felt guilty cause you know 3 squares or 6 triangles a day is the norm... attributed part of my stubborn weight to the starvation!!!

                  now I eat about twice a day with very few snacks if ever... and I eat all the veggies I want and rarely get over 50g of carbs per day (according to's stats...) and I am fine with that as the weight is falling off

                  but skip a meal here and there or fast for 1 or 2 days... you aren't going to die... I believe you will learn something about your eating habits at the minimum...
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                    The worst is 6-8 mini meals a day..... I love a big breakfast and a big dinner. Hated- HATED 6-8 meals a day.

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                      I wonder when and how eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner became the normal way to do things.

                      We all know it's true that fasting is natural and good, but it's not like I used to eat 3 meals a day because I thought fasting was a bad thing. It was just the way everybody ate. (I think the 6 mini-meal thing is different though, because people really do do that because someone tells them it's a better way).


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                        I am starting regular IFing.. eat 3 meals, skip 2, eat 3 skip 2.. etc (12-18 hr). IFing is not a hardship... half the time I am not hungry anyway.

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                          I've been following the IF since the 23rd of December ... eating somewhere between 7 and 8 in the evening, then breaking the IF the next day anywhere between 1 and 6 in the afternoon, depending on how hungry I am. I'm perfectly comfortable with this ... unlike the stress of eating the 5-6 mini meals that made me slightly crazed. Some days I may only eat one meal when I break the fast, other days it is two ...
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                            I think it's mostly that people riding the sugar/insulin rollercoaster truly are hungry every few hours, and they view your doing without as elective suffering, as if you'd decided to wear a hairshirt. If only they knew the truth of it--most of my IFs happen because I just plain forgot to eat!
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                              IF evolved naturally for me. It was only when I read about it here that I realised that's what I was doing at the weekends.
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