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Weight Loss slowing down?

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  • Weight Loss slowing down?

    I have been Primal for 3 weeks now. Week 1 I lost 2.1 kilos. Week 2 I lost 1.9 kilos. This week it seems that I will only be looking at the same weight as last week - and that's if I haven't put on weight!

    Is this normal? I didn't actually think I would lose so much in the first 2 weeks. I have been eating all the same foods the whole time and haven't even really been into the 20% rule.

    I sit on my ass all day at work and the most exercise I get is going to the bathroom and back. I haven't been hitting up the gym but definitely plan on getting back into it in the coming week.

    Just wanted to know how much weight others are losing each week.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes, it's normal. I don't think most women can sustain a loss of 2lbs a week. I totally get the sitting at the desk all day, but you can do little things that will help even if you don't get to the gym. If the building you are in has multiple floors, go upstairs to use the restroom; park farther from the building, throw in a few jumping jacks here and there.


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      It was kilos - 2 kilos = 4.4 pounds. A very good loss is about 1kg per week or 2.2 pounds. Start exercising.


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        You dropped a lot of water weight the first couple of weeks, and now your body is catching up. So average it up-in three weeks you lost around 8 pounds-that's a little over 2.5 pounds per week. Start moving around more-go for a walk before/after work and lift heavy'll happen. One to two pounds per week is pretty average and is healthy, sustainable weight loss.
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          That's normal. In the beginning you lose a lot of weight because the inflammation is going down and you're losing a lot of water along with the fat. Then it slows down to a more maintainable pace.

          Eventually, you might also hit a plateau where you don't lose any weight, but that's not a big deal either. Don't stress and it will start up again. Sometimes your body just has different priorities, like healing itself.


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            It can be a lot of things...pms, you ate a bit too much salt, loss is slowing, next week you might lose 5 lbs. Don't worry about it unless you start gaining week after week or go weeks with no loss with no other changes- like looser clothes.

            Weightloss is never an even line....

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              I wouldn't even weigh more than once a month at the most- weight itself is meaningless. Weight can be fat, muscle, organ, water etc. Mirrors, measurements and clothes are much better gauge.
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                Thank you for all the replies I really appreciate it. I will stop worrying and start moving!


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                  create a standing workspace. it does wonders for your attitude, productivity, and body comp.


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                    This is all such supportive advice! I too have been wondering if I will keep losing weight. I started in October and have kept off about 8 lbs since then but no more is coming off. (when the holidays hit and the college kids returned home I started eating some things that I had cut out like rice and corn.)
                    It is hard to get out and be active for me when it is cold and I am not a gym person. I do swim once a week and do yoga every day but if I want to see more results I know I need to increase activity! These posts are so helpful to read. Now I am feeling inspired again!


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                      I've been primal since mid November and have lost only 6lbs. I'm not worried though as the other changes are big...I've lost inches and visually look like I've lost way more than 6lbs, clothes are much looser and my energy levels (after a slow start) are beginning to shoot through the roof.

                      Even if I never lose another pound (and there are quite a lot of them I'd like to lose), I won't complain as I haven't felt this good in years. But I feel confident that they'll eventually drop off - even if just because the high energy levels are making me more active.


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                        SpuggyGirl, of course you would complain if you never lost another pound. With more fat loss you will feel even better and be able to wear the clothes you desire.


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                          My loss has been slow as well and that is frustrating. I do weigh--which I should cut back on--but I only show about an 8lbs. loss since starting the week before Xmas. Most of that was in the first 2 wks. I actually cheated last weekend with a few odds and ends and when I weighed myself that Tuesday, I was up 5lbs??!!! Seriously--by cheat I mean a few glasses of wine and a piece of bread! I have NO idea why it reflected so drastically but I have been very strict since Monday and I'm back down 3 from there. But damn--that is crazy! I too feel my energy levels have increased greatly and clothes are oh-so-slowly starting to fit differently. I'm trying to cut out nuts altogether and really limiting dairy. Dairy doesn't bother me but maybe I should try to cut it out even more. I do love cheese however!

                          I am not giving up on this lifestyle until I see that it truly isn't what it is advertised to be--and so far, I feel WAY better not eating grains, sugars and refined foods. Now I just need to be way more creative with those things I do love--meat, veggies and fruits!