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Coconut Oil, Bacon Grease, and Cheese

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  • Coconut Oil, Bacon Grease, and Cheese

    Hello all. I'm just starting out on my Primal path, and I have a few questions.

    First off, Coconut Oil. It seems to be very popular in the Primal community (I see frequent references to it on the forums and in recipes). However, I just happen to have a good amount of bacon grease saved from some bacon eating I did a while back. Is there a reason to prefer coconut oil over bacon grease? I'm thinking in terms of frying eggs and what not.

    Secondly: Cheese. I know paleo says "no milk products, whatsoever". Mark seems to suggest it's not strictly "Primal", but that many people have no problem with the stuff, and so it's not absolutely disallowed the way refined sugars and cultivated grains are. I happen to consider cheese to be one of life's finer pleasures... and I tend to put it on everything (though I do often go for the more strongly flavored version to be able to cut back on volume).

    So my question is: am I doing myself a disservice by continuing to include what some might consider a fairly large amount of cheese in my diet? I know the saturated fats aren't an issue... but is there some other reason I should restrict my intake?

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    Hi, and welcome =)

    Use the bacon grease! It's amazing stuff. And we all know, everything tastes better cooked in bacon fat! I myself have a 'fat jar' and store all manner of excess fat in there. I use it for frying just about anything.

    The reason coconut oil is so amazing is because it's comprised of Medium Chain Triglycerides. This means your body will use the fat as energy right away, and doesn't store it. It's easier to digest as well.

    Mark is pretty on the fence with dairy, and we sure didn't eat dairy as cavemen. It can be hard to digest for many people, not just because of lactose. It's not recommended, and it's considered an 'acceptable vice', along with dark chocolate and red wine. It's your body, after all, and it may be interesting to see how your body reacts to NOT eating cheese. Try it for a few weeks and see. If all is well, keep eating it. But really, your main source of protein and fat, should be meat, and of course, a wide variety of good, yummy fats.
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      First, coconut oil Vs. bacon fat, that's really up to you. It really does depend on what type of bacon it was. I can't get pastured bacon so I have to get the crap with nitrites... part of my 20% I guess. I love coconut oil though, it works with so many different dishes. And be careful, bacon fat doesn't last forever, it will oxidize just like any other fat and go rancid. I give mine about a 6 week shelf life

      Second, if you're interested in weight loss, maybe cut back on the cheese. I eat organic raw milk cheese, about 1oz a day, and it doesn't do anything bad for me, and I'm doing alright with weight loss (although it was never a goal for me). Because being primal is flexible, as long as you follow the basic guidelines, you should be fine. You should look at some of the posts about the 80/20 principle and how it's not an excuse for crappy eating (not saying you are, I don't know).