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Still struggling to eat enough... please critique.

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  • Still struggling to eat enough... please critique.

    This is a sample day's menu for me:


    Smoothie (half avacado, coconut milk, coconut oil, whey protein, frozen berries.)

    4 Egg omelette (cooked in tablespoon of lard)


    1 Chicken breast with stir fry vegetables.

    2 tbspns olive oil

    coffee with double cream


    steak, brocolli, cauliflower. (cooked in lard and olive oil on veg.)

    Another smoothie as a snack later, same as before.

    So I've been tracking myself on and it's coming out as follows-

    protein- 187.4 g (good)

    carbs- 51g (good)

    fat- 165.4g (good)

    Total calories- 2498. According to my research, this is barely my maintenance calorie amount. I am male, weigh 140 pounds. I do weight training every other day, alternated with sprints/boxing. I fear i'm still not eating enough but it seems like I'm eating loads.

    Appreceiate your opinions guys, i just wanna get my diet perfect for muscle gain. Thanks in advance. Btw, i'm allergic to all nuts

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    Hmm... maybe just eek it in. Instead of a 4-egg omelet, make it 5. A little bigger steak, maybe more protein or avocado in the shake. Try to sneak it in on yourself.

    That's just my 2 cents.


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      That looks pretty good to me. If you want more calories but don't feel like you can shove down more volume, look for calorie-dense sources like bacon grease, coconut oil, etc. and find ways to slip in a little more.

      Another thing to bear in mind is the hormonal effect of different foods. Dairy promotes growth, no question about it. But if you do decide to add it in (full-fat and raw if possible, of course), bear in mind that it comes with a price in the form other health issues.

      Ultimately, everyone is different and you might have to tweak things for a while to find what works best for you. Some of Rob Wolff's podcasts (google Rob Wolff and click on The Paleolithic Solution on the right hand side of his site) discuss dietary options for those looking to add mass.

      Also, be sure you're not overtraining. (Your w/o schedule sounds like you might be, especially with strength work every other day!) Overtraining can result in muscle loss. Remember that muscle builds at rest, not in the gym!

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        Bacon with your eggs, Chicken legs with skin instead of breast, banana in your smoothie.

        If you are carbaphobic more bacon instead of banana. With eggs not in your smoothie. Unless you like that.

        Don't be a paleotard...


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          I'm becoming less and less convinced that those calorie estimators are accurate for primal eaters. They are probably designed with the fundamental flaw inherent in eating stuff that is high calorie but low nutrition (the exact opposite of what you are eating), and there for the calorie number is much higher that what your body actually needs when you are eating primarily nutrient rich food.

          I'm gaining muscle and losing fat at 6'3" eating an average 2200 calories a day. Eating more than that makes me feel like a stuffed lethargic pig. I've decided to trust what my body is asking for more than a generic calorie calculator. Experiment with yourself a bit and learn to rely on the n=1 solution, using the "theories" out there as nothing more than guidelines.


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            I'm the same weight and eating the same amount. I'm constantly gaining lean muscle and don't have any visible body fat. That seems to be the kind of body you get with high protein and fat and low carbs. The paleolithic hunter-gatherer was fast as hell and very strong, not bulky.

            Greg up there is right. Generic calorie counters can not be trusted. Go by how much food you feel that you need and how much is working for you.

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