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Moving from coffee 2 sugars semi skimmed milk...looking for advice.

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  • Moving from coffee 2 sugars semi skimmed milk...looking for advice.

    hi chaps,

    I started the PB yesturday (go me! ;p) and I was a very big coffee drinker. Probably drank around 5-6 cups a day, each with 2 sugars and semi skimmed milk. I can imagine this is not doing me much good!

    So this morning I decided to cut out the milk and sugar...but found it a little harsh. I have decided to just cut out the sugar and go with some whole milk. I warmed the milk up and made it half and half with the coffee.

    Is this a reasonable alternative until I can get used to the no sugar and gradually fade out the milk?

    Or should I just man the hell up and carry on with no milk no sugar?

    Also I have ordered a Aerobie AeroPress from Amazon so I can move away from instant coffee...Maybe better coffee will make no milk more bearable?

    Thanks all!

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    Search for bulletproof coffee on this board.
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        I was once a coffee and all kinds of flavored (that is SUGARED) creamers kind of guy!

        Now I drink about 4 cups (24oz) and a half a can of coconut milk every day after I have my high protein breakfast (which I try to eat within 30 minutes of waking) and I love it! I'm also usually not hungry again until well after the rest of the folks in the office have answered the cattle call for Lunch, which is no doubt due to their high carb breakfasts resulting in a much quicker onset of hunger.

        I am going to try some Bulletproof coffee soon!
        Re-focusing on the Primal Lifestyle in 2012!

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          Bulletproof coffee is delicious, also heavy cream does more than regular milk to mellow the bite of coffee, so you might like your sugar-less coffee more if you use cream instead of milk.


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            Freshly brewed, organic coffee with heavy cream and a little cinnamon and a little stevia to sweeten. One cup with breakfast, one with lunch. Very occasionally, one or more in the afternoon, but I try not to make a habit of it. Like you, I used to drink 5-6 or more cups a day, with sugar and 1/2 and 1/2.

            If you haven't tried stevia, do. A very little goes a very long way, i.e. about 1/40 teaspoon pure stevia = 1 teaspoon sugar. Yes, 1/40. That is not a typo. Try to find pure stevia powder, without additives like maltodextrin. I use this SweetLeaf Stevia Extract, Powder, .9-Ounce Jars (Pack of 2): Grocery & Gourmet Food Clean tasting, dissolves well in hot liquids. If stevia tastes bitter to you, you are likely using too much, or using something with an additive.


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              I drink my coffee mostly with heavy organic cream, but I've made the bulletproof coffee and it's good. I will also drink it black. I learned to like it sans suger years ago.


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                Buy better coffee, and you won't have to put crap in it. Sounds harsh, but it's true.


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                  Originally posted by jfreaksho View Post
                  Buy better coffee, and you won't have to put crap in it. Sounds harsh, but it's true.
                  I'm all ears as far as suggestions (brands, varieties, etc.) to up my coffee "game"!
                  Re-focusing on the Primal Lifestyle in 2012!

                  Starting: 221.0lb, 29.5% BF (1/9/2012)
                  Latest: 208.9, 26.1% BF (3/19/2012)



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                    A good fresh ground in a French press is a great start. A good quality organic bean is what I would choose, and I would be careful not to pick a dark roast, as your tastebuds wont be used to that--YET, you may find in a very short time that you either really like coffee or you really dont. Time will tell.

                    Bulletproof coffee is something entirely different in my book, I too am a coffee drinker, I drink 4-5 large mugs over the course of the first half of the day, and I used to use flavored creamers etc. Bulletproof coffee is creamy, but it is more of a meal replacement, and from reading your post that is not what you were looking for. If you are like me the habit of that warm mug is often more of the drive than the actual taste LOL

                    Heavy Whipping cream should be your go to creamer, it will give you a richness that will help fullfill the sweetness...but actuality is that you just have to deprive yourself for a little bit until your tastes change and you no longer want the sugar. To begin with I would stay away from ALL fruit as well, then incorporate it in later after you are over your 'need' for sugar. A little bit of berries for me made me want more kinds of sugar in the begining, now a few weeks in I am fine. In fact I had a slice of apple and it seemed uber sweet to me, I just stick to occational blueberries and raspberries with a tiny bit of full fat plain greek yogurt......plain yogurt is another thing I could not stand, now it is rich and creamy and no need for sweeter!

                    Hang in there, after a week or so you will get the sugar out of your system and your body will start to crave silly spinach topped with eggs fried in bacon grease
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                      Hi guys it is me again!

                      I am a few days on from my first post. And boy, am I laughing at myself now ))))

                      I am coming up to finishing my 4th day of Primal...And I dunno, but lots of things have changed!

                      I decided to man the hell up and take my coffee black with no sugars. But it was hard to do with the Nescafee instant stuff I was swigging.

                      So I ordered one of those Aero Coffee makers, the one that is like a hand pump. Got myself some nice (for me) "Colombian Supremo Roast and Ground" from Tesco's finest brand.....and woooo it is MUCH better Has a nice sweety ish aftwertaste. I did not know coffee could be so nice

                      The thing is, now I only really have 1 or 2 cups a day..Its that much more stronger.

                      I cannot ever imagine polluting this thing with sugar.

                      So now, 4 days in, 3 lbs lost, my taste buds are changing - and I look back at my first post as an elder does at an eager young child..I really should pat myself on the head


                      Oh, so I am from the UK, can anyone recommend me a REALLY kick arse not to crazy coffee? No expenses spurred.

                      While I am here...I started to get a little sugar craving this evening (to be honest, this is the only thing to effect me so far - I am pretty sane so far....will it get much worse later?) and I was soooo tempted to go and get a chocy bar :/....Then the next thing I know, the wife brought me home a full family size packet of Maltesers (forgetting I had started the diet). Well, they sit there in the fridge still, unopened. I will not bin them, but leave them there as a test to my will power
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                        After reading your first post I was going to say you were not actually a big coffee drinker—just a big sugar drinker. Coffee was just a vehicle for the sugar. It's the same with people who go to a cafè and get something hazelnut infused, full of cream, sprinkles and caramel topping and think it's coffee

                        IMO the amount of milk you might have in coffee isn't cause for concern.