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Kicking the coffee habit

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  • Kicking the coffee habit

    I'm having issues with coffee. My first cup of the day is a morning ritual that lets me "wind up" to the day (I like starting my day gradually), but later in the day I feel the urge to have another cup. Sometimes it's because I'm dragging, sometimes it's because I'm bored (study break!), and other times it's because I just want something warm.

    Now this isn't generally a big deal if I'm at home, but during the school week I can't nip home and brew another cup. The main problem is that I don't want to be spending $2 every day for a second cup of coffee just because "I want it." I also don't want to brew-and-bring a second cup because (a) it might get cold by afternoon and (b) I'm already taking a very large backpack and a small lunch cooler with me and I don't want to take up more room on the train.

    So what are some of the ways you in the Primal community have used to wean yourself from coffee (or at least to a one-cup-a-day habit)? I haven't been able to train myself to like tea and I have water with me all the time. Thanks for the help!
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    Do you have a reusable mug? Early this year I thought about reducing my coffee intake so I wouldn't spend so much, but then I got a reusable mug and my school discounts the coffee to a $1.

    You could take some instant coffee pouches with you if you can stomach the stuff.

    I know these are the wrong kind of suggestions, but for me personally, I don't eat at school and just drink a few cups throughout the day, so I'm not givin' it up.


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      When I realized that I started to develop a dependency on coffee - and I sit in the office with free organic coffee available for free- & that it has adverse impact on my energy levels and sleep, I did two things:

      I replaced the first cup with hot broth - much better 'pick me up', actually
      I keep trying new varieties of tea all the time, and select the ones I like the best. Generally leaf tea is much better than bag tea, and I dilute it a lot because I do not like strong taste. I do not concern myself with what tea is better for you, I just drink the one I feel like drinking.

      I am not a big water drinker in the winter, because it's COLD here. If I don't have access to brewing, I carry tea in a thermos. I never go to an off-site training facility without a thermos and a few different packets of tea stashed in my bag.

      Hope this helps!
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        I know exactly what you mean. I started at 1 a day and worked my way up to 6 cups a day before I kicked it completely. I traded coffee for looseleaft tea or my own little throw together drink. I dont know if it has a name but I put hot water into a large mug and drizzle cinnamon over the top until you can't see the water. Then I pour in about a 4th cup of organic grassfed cream followed by about 3 spoonfuls of raw honey. Stir it up until its all blended together nicely and enjoy. Thats what I did to kick my coffee habit, hope it helps! Oh and if youre gonna come off coffee cold turkey, make sure you have two days off to do it. I was in bad shape the day after I stopped drinking it. Had the shakes and all my joints were achy and I felt pretty terrible. Just heads up.


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          Leida: I'll give the leaf tea a try. Do have any recommendations to try first? I've only tried black chai and green (tea bags for both).

          I just tried the Creamy Turmeric Tea off the main site and it was pretty fantastic. I'd drink that lukewarm (I have a travel mug, and I'm guessing that's about the temperature it'll be by afternoon).
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            I know your pain! I have not indulged in coffee since July of last year. On the advice of my doctor at Cleveland Clinic, he suggested that I oust coffee from my intake due to some liver issues I was having at that time. I was mortified to know that I was going to end my lust and love relationship with Mr. Starbuck and Godiva Creme Brulee coffee! I did my research for alternatives because I knew that routinely and absolutely psychological I needed my fix. I discovered a herbal substitute. It not only tastes like coffee, but it has healing properties as well as cleansing benefits for the body.
            I can tell you that it has been true to form in its healing benefits. Its taste is along the lines of an instant without the bitter aftertaste and the product goes a long way in use. I have added a little almond milk to it and found it to be most satisfying. I make it per cup and even carry some with me when dining out and the waitress is always happy to bring me some hot water. I am doing wonderful on this product and don't miss coffee anymore. Well, maybe just a smidgen Good living to you!

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              Oh I LOVED coffee and used to drink 2 POTS a day. Been off coffee for a while now. I found Celestial Seasonings tea: Morning Thunder to be helpful. It is caffeine free (gluten free of course) but has a more coffee-like taste than most teas. I drink it "black". Best of luck!
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                I drink lots of decaf. No problems with it.
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                  Two words:

                  Yerba mate
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                    I may be wrong, but I believe Morning Thunder contains both black tea and yerba mate, and thus caffeine. Yerba mate is good, but it should be brewed properly, meaning you should not pour boiling water directly onto it. I believe it should be in the 160 degree range. I usually wet it with cool water before adding the hot. There's only scant evidence that heating it hotter is actually bad for your health, but it definitely tastes much better if you don't overheat it.