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Electrolyte imbalance is really messing me up!

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  • Electrolyte imbalance is really messing me up!

    I really enjoy eating primal. I love digging into plenty of meat and veggies. I eat fruit once in a while, 80% of the fruit is berries.

    What I don't enjoy is feeling immensely light-headed and dizzy. It happens when my carb intake gets low. I can't retain water, I end up peeing way more often during the day.

    I got so frustrated and uncomfortable with the lightheadedness and dizziness that I ended up binging on every carb I could get my hands on. Within a day or so, I felt normal again (if not a little guilty, ah well).

    I've tried coconut water, but I don't care for the sugary beverage.
    I've tried lemon juice water, didn't really seem to help enough.
    I think eating pickles helps a bit, but only takes the edge off. Still feel lightheaded.

    I was thinking about electrolyte supplements? Maybe something I can take to help retain water. Or any other suggestions are greatly appreciated. I'd love to fix this weird problem I'm having!
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    I have not felt light headed but I posted in another thread about salt cravings I have been having. Eating pickles etc has helped at least not sure what else to do either.
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      You need real sea salt dissolved in a glass of water - several times a day. Also homemade chicken stock made with celery, carrots, and real seat salt will help.

      There is although an electorlyte supplement you can get at iherb. Like gatorade but without all the crap in it. But the sea salt works for most people.
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        My husband is dealing with a similar issue - he is prone to getting a rapid/irregular heartbeat when his electrolytes get out of balance. So lately he's been tracking his food to make sure he's getting enough potassium, magnesium, and calcium (potassium deficiency is the one that affects him the most). He uses lots of salt (pink Himalayan), and actually having too much salt can cause your body to require even more potassium than normal. On the days he eats +3,500 mg of potassium, no dizziness/heart palpatations.

        Carbs will definitely have you retaining water, so maybe you're just one of the ones who needs to be consuming a higher level of carbs - Instead of trying to maintain what is obviously too low carb for your body then binging, why not include some sweet potatoes or white rice or some more fruit daily?


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          I think if you aren't going more than a couple or a few days off grains (still eating fruits) -- your diuresis is due to burning through your glycogen reserves, and you are probably not having electrolyte "imbalances," but are just having sugar withdrawal. I would be patient and see if by day 5 or 6 your symptoms don't go away. You should NOT need to supplement ANYthing: just eat lean protein, fruits, veggies, tree nuts, some dairy (if you like) and drink water.