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Cured meats?

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  • Cured meats?

    What is everyones take on cured meats? I saw pork belly at our whole foods the other day and have seen totally legit grass fed pork at one of our local farmers markets and would really like to make my own bacon form scratch but I am wondering about the nitrate level? What is the overall effect of nitrates on the body? I think salting meat for preservation has been around for a long, Grok may not have done it but I dunno. Curing meat is truly an art form and I feel that as long as you start with premium, healthy meat than it should be ok.

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    Sounds better than store-bought bacon to me. Nitrates give me a headache, so for me bacon is an occasional treat.


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      You're going to get all kinds of answers on this one.

      Me? I can't eat anything with sodium nitrite or celery seed/salt/juice, which basically is the same thing. Gives me a migraine for 3 days, probably because it's a vasodilator.

      Anyway, I don't think it's the best thing for you, but I can't say it's the worst either unless you're sensitive to it. The only down side I can see - you know all those studies saying red meat is terrible for you? It was red meat AND processed meat. I don't know the links off the top of my head, but I've seen videos and recipes for curing pork and making bacon without the nitrates and nitrites.