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  • FATS question.

    Ok so I know this has been DONE to death on this site a million times - but I still can't seem to understand it, no matter how much I've read. And I have a bunch of questions.

    I have lost weight on the PB diet. But I have this question. If i primarily consume fats for energy, get my system to mainly burn fat instead of carbs.....what will happen if I occasionally do eat say, a piece of bread, or baked potatoe. I eat A lot of saturated fats; but the good kinds. Ghee, butter, coconut oil, animal fat etc, and also medium chain and other healthy fats. I'm worried if I introduce bread into my system, even in miniscule amounts , i'm worried my cholesterol and blood pressure will skyrocket, like high, and my body will start to store fat. Because I've read everywhere that says that high fat diet is good, but high fat diet in presence of carbs is bad....because all these bad things happen.

    I also read that Mark Sisson has said that glycogen depleted athletes require excess carbohydrates to replenish these stores - say a baked potatoe after a workout. These are strategically placed carb meals....I realize this. He says that is fine. I do olympic lifts and run and lift, which all take tremendous power..especially the olympic lifts.

    I feel like I just don't want to mix the two together..for health consequences. I know that consuming that much saturated fat CAN'T be good for you...I mean can it? They all say it is on here, but is it? I guess I'm asking is it really healthy in the presence of carbs. I read some lengthy post on this back in the forum. I got lost in the details.
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    Why do you want to eat bread? Don't you know that wheat is bad for you?

    You are totally over-thinking the fat thing. Just eat a normal meal of meat and roots or tubers and veggies with butter. You'll be perfectly fine. A potato isn't going to kill you, even if you aren't an athlete.
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      Oh and I also don't understand this......the more fats/protein I eat ..the skinnier I get. I mean I know that's what everyone says. But my logic is thinking...wouldn't our ancestors want to store bodyfat for times of famine? There is contradicting evidence as some people say that the more fat/protein you intake..the body readily uses it and you can't get fat like this. Others say that excess fat/protein is stored as bodyfat. Which is it!?

      FOr me, it obviously seems to be the first one becaues I swear I can eat all the fat/protein and not get fat. I get leaner.


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        As I sit hear eating my braised short ribs with sweet potatoes and brussel sproutes sauted in olive oil all I can say is follow the blueprint. The good fats are good, a bit of carbs in tubers with fats after a workout is not going to hurt you.
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          It's more efficient storage, as I understand it. Carbs cannot be stored and hidden away in the body as easily, and end up body fat. Fat and protein have more places to go in the body without being turned into fat.

          Very simple explanation. Makes since to me. Let me know if I'm wrong, of course...


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            Originally posted by PrimalStewart View Post
            Oh and I also don't understand this......the more fats/protein I eat ..the skinnier I get.
            It's a tough one to get your head around isn't it Stewart? Why?.....because there has been so much CW crap thown around as gospel for years that we have trouble understanding or accepting anything different.

            I am a noob at this, but think I have my head around it on a base level.

            Why can I eat 1200 calories a day in fats (out of 2000 calories total) and get leaner and lose weight? Because my insulin secretion is under total control due to eating less that 100g of carbs per day. The dietary fat is unable to be stored as body fat because the pancreas has not triggered an insulin response. I lose weight and fat because my BMR is around 2600.

            I've been training since the late 70's and tried quite a few diet and eating plans over that time, including low carb plans like Atkins and South Beach, but I never really "got it" until I got my hands on PB. It's working like a goddam rocket for me, like nothing else ever has.

            Read about the efects of insulin, and the carbohydrate curve in the PB book and things should clear up.

            Good luck with it all.

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