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Cheap Primal Meals w/ Chicken & Ground Beef Needed

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  • Cheap Primal Meals w/ Chicken & Ground Beef Needed

    I just got some really bad news that is going to cut my food budget to almost nothing. I know I have a bunch of chicken breasts, ground beef and a whole chicken in the freezer. Plus some frozen veggies and some canned green beans. I was about to go grocery shopping this weekend. I have to stretch this as far as I can, plus come up with dirt cheap recipes to feed a family of 6 for a while. It's the choice between having a roof over our head or expensive meals. Have to do what I can to save.

    I know I can cook vegetables with the ground beef to make a decent meal, and can do some simple stir frys with the chicken. Would love any other Primal ideas.

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    ground meats are good. usually they're way cheap in large quantities. also look at canned tuna, rice, organ meats. definitely stock up on the frozen veggies. i know that primal food usually costs more, but there are definitely ways to make it cheaper. just be sure lay off the grains, bad oils, sugar, processed food, etc.


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      Thanks primal rob. I think I will check out the local butcher for scrap meat. I got some awesome grass fed bones a while ago that he was going to throw away for less than $2/lb.
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        If you look up the blog Clothes Make the Girl, she has a lot of great ideas for paleo/primal recipes- she does a lot of "Hot plates" which are basically ground meat and different veggies, sautéed with different spices to make different combinations- so the same ground beef and veggies could be Mexican, Italian, etc.

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          Here's the link for Clothes Make the Girl: theclothesmakethegirl | train hard. eat clean. live loud.

          Also check out Paleo on a Budget: Paleo on a Budget


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            U.S. Wellness Meats — Our Animals Eat Right So You Can Too.
            10 pounds for under $44 shipped


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              If you have meat with bones, don't throw away the bones. Make soup. In this way you can stretch a meal into two meals. You may be able to save money by learning to cut up a whole chicken rather than buying pieces.

              If your situation is truly dire, you may qualify for a food pantry.

              Also, there are edible wild plants to harvest, even in the city. I regularly forage for mustard greens and plantain (Plantago elongata, not the banana). Grows as weeds in open spaces. I've also eaten chickweed, stinging nettle (favorite!!), bedstraw and miners lettuce. Dang chickweed grows in my garden instead of the stuff my black thumb planted. May as well eat it. There are others I have not tried, like dandelion. A bag of wild greens foraged for free can take the place of a $3 bunch of swiss chard at the grocery store. I recommend the book Edible and Medicinal Plants of the West for good pictures. You may have stuff in your area I don't have in arid So Cal, possibly better stuff.

              Another thing you can do, if you have time to take a walk, is find some alleys or neighborhoods where people's fruit trees grow over the fence. Any fruit that grows over the fence is fair game, it's not stealing. I've harvested plums, apples, apricots, cherimoya, sapote, loquats and pecans. If your neighbors have fruit trees, you can also ask if they'd mind if you harvest some. Sometimes people are really super happy to give their fruit away because they have too much and don't know what to do with it! If you have fruit trees, you can trade or even sell your produce. I made about $50 selling avocados on the honor system in my driveway. I just put out a box of avocados, a sign that said 50 cents each and a box with a slot to drop the money. People were honest!
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                *Boil up the chicken in some water to make a yummy stock that you can then use to make a soup - you could make this a veg soup, add some of the chicken meat or even the ground meat to it. Add any kind of vegetable to this and you can make it stretch out for 6 people or even for a few days.
                *Shred the chicken meat from the carcass and you can use that to make any number of things from salads to taco's to casseroles.
                *Omletes or frittatas are a great budget dish and you can use meat in them. Great for breakfasts, lunches or dinners and very filling too!
                *Make a pot of stew with root vegies and meat and you can serve it by itself or even with some steamed veg. Perfect for using cheap vegetables like cabbage in also.

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                  SOUP! I'm broke as pre-currency Grok, and soups are my go-to end-of-the-month meal. Celery, carrots and onions are always cheap, and chicken soup is great for the pocketbook as well as the soul.

                  My Chicken Soup

                  1/2 large onion
                  3 large carrots
                  4 stalks of celery
                  1 whole chicken

                  Chop all the vegetables, put them in the bottom of a crockpot, salt and pepper the chicken (sometimes I rub olive oil on it first), put chicken on top of the veggies and pour cold water into crockpot until it almost covers the chicken. Throw in a bay leaf or two if you have it. Cover the crockpot, cook on low for 8-10hours (depends on the size of the chicken, and it's almost impossible to over-cook)
                  After 8/10h, remove chicken from crockpot, pull the meat off the bone, shred it, put it back into the pot. Stir. Voila! Super cheap, super delicious fool-proof chicken soup.

                  You can also make a great coconut chicken soup this way too-- I pour a can of coconut milk, 1/2 cup of chopped onion, 3 or 4 chicken breasts, some salt and a bunch of asian seasoning ( Chinese 5-spice, or thai curry paste, or sweet chili sauce all work) into the crockpot and cook on high for 4h.

                  Hope this helps, so sorry for your setback


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                    Tomorrow morning I am going to try making a sweet potato latke for breakfast. I would suggest you ask your butcher 'how much for the offals?' and you may be surprised, he may give you a deal. One of Mark's first blog post I read a couple weeks ago (I'm new) dealt with your very topic. He also recommended the odd cuts like ox tail and the many end cuts that you can stew. Which Odd Animal Bits Should You Be Eating? | Mark's Daily Apple
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                      If your family likes rotisserie chicken like they sell in the deli, you might try sticky chicken. If you shred the meat it makes a great addition to a salad to stretch it and you will still have the bones left over for broth.

                      Roast Sticky Chicken-Rotisserie Style Recipe -


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                        Originally posted by PrincessK View Post
                        Here's the link for Clothes Make the Girl: theclothesmakethegirl | train hard. eat clean. live loud.

                        Also check out Paleo on a Budget: Paleo on a Budget

                        Dang, the book the lady has is awesome. You're badass for linking this.


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                          Sheperds pie- ground meat, throw in any veggies you have on hand, a bit of stock or water. Top with mashed cauliflower or sweet potatoes.
                          Chicken legs and thighs are cheaper.
                          And, maybe try and garden (if you can pull it off cheaply) if you think you are going to be living poor for a while. We used to do a garden and my grocery bill would be cut in half- all my veggies were free. Some communities have tool sheds where you can borrow tools for free. Easy veggies: squash, cukes, peppers, some tomatoes, salad greens, herbs. I'm in NC and we had arugula all fall and winter- FOR FREE.

                          Also, maybe talk to some local meat producers and see if you can barter time for food (or anything you can barter). One guy at the farmers market was looking for help with taxes.

                          Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                            Thank you all for your great advice. I have a lot to work with now. You guys are awesom!
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                              When I didn't have a lot of cash and was single, it was homemade soups all the time. Frozen vegetables go a really long way, and you can make meatloaf of course. I break down a whole chicken to its parts and then use what's left over (spine, gizzards, etc., to make a broth that you could freeze and use later.

                              I'm not a big fan of regular meatloaf, so I'll put some cheese and olives inside and cover it with bacon. That's an awesome meal. One other thing is cabbage. It's really cheap and can be used in many different ways. I saute it with onions (red with red cabbage, white or yellow with green cabbage), garlic, and a little bit of ham and eat it with some mustard. It's a whole meal. I hope it helps, I have a lot of recipes, I cooked for ten years in a restaurant and learned some pretty good tricks.