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    I know that dairy is not on top of the Primal Blueprint food chain but does Almond Milk fall under that category as well?

    P.S. This question may have been answered but I am not browsing through all 500 something posts to find it. Is there way to search for key words/topics?

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    Originally posted by CTRunner21 View Post
    Is there way to search for key words/topics?
    There is a search button... it's on the right near the top of the screen.
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      Well, almonds are nuts, so they're okay in moderation on primal -- macadamias being the best (omega ratios). By extension, pure almond milk would probably be okay -- again, in moderation. I've seen some great recipes for making your own, but they are kind of time consuming. There are some pure ones on the market, I understand, but check the ingredients. Amazing what junk is in processed stuff, even at Whole Foods. My little (big) thing is that I try to keep the whole food (almonds) rather than a processed one (almond milk), but that's certainly not a must.

      Yes, the search engine works quite well. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a recipe there for almond milk. Basically, soak the critters overnight, take the skin off (time consuming part) and blend like crazy -- strain, chill, drink.


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        Thanks! Nothing ever comes up when I search for something. It just says that it's loading the whole time.


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          I use almond milk (unsweetened, fewest ingredients listed) in my coffee instead of cream. I used to love cream in my coffee (tasted great) but the mucous buildup was horrible. I'd be snorting and hawking loogies all night.
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            I love almond milk, and use an unsweetened kind from Whole Foods that has very little fat (maybe 3 grams in a cup? and I only use a little bit) so I'm not worried about the O3/O6 ratio at all. I would say that if it doesn't have added sugar or weird chemicals, you can probably drink it with no fear.
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