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What to Eat in Tokyo?

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  • What to Eat in Tokyo?

    Hi everyone. I am relatively new to my Primal lifestyle. So far, so good. I have quickly become comfortable with the change of my diet.

    This may be kind of random, but I am headed to Tokyo for a week. As I have been planning for the tirp, I started to think (worry) about what to eat while there. I'm not a big fan of seafood, and know that it is a big part of the diet in Japan. Additionally, noodles and/or rice are staples.

    I wondered if anyone had suggestions on things to eat. Thanks!

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    Yakitori itself means broiled chicken. Various cuts of chicken, including heart, liver and cartilage are cooked on skewers over a charcoal grill. Also cooked this way at yakitori restaurants (yakitoriya) are an assortment of vegetables such as green peppers (piman), garlic cloves (ninniku) and onions (negi). They are flavored using either a tangy sauce (tare) or salt (shio). The menu will usually contain a variety of other foods as well. Yakitoriya are usually laid-back places where the food is a snack to accompany drinking.


    For this dish, they dip paper-thin slices of beef in a pot of boiling water and stock for a few seconds and then dip the cooked beef in sesame sauce (goma dare) before eating. Later, vegetables such as enoki mushrooms and Chinese cabbage, tofu and shirataki are added. When cooked, these are dipped in a soy and citrus sauce (ponzu). After the beef and vegetables have been finished, udon can be added to the pot and eaten with the broth. Other flavorings used include crushed garlic, chives and daikon. Economical (for those with a big appetite) all-you-can-eat meals are common in Shabushabu restaurants.


    This dish consists of a bowl (domburi) of rice covered with one of a variety of toppings such as boiled beef (gyudon), chicken and egg (oyakodon), deep-fried shrimp (tendon) or deep-fried pork cutlet and egg (katsudon). I'd leave out the deep fried stuff and go easy on the rice!

    AND THEN...I know you said you don't like much seafood ..but there is always steamed clams, sashimi, sushi....lots of different fishies to choose from!