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Lab Results: LDL Question

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  • Lab Results: LDL Question

    I just got lab work back after 8 months primal and have a couple LDL questions...

    Baseline: 2008
    Total: 214
    LDL: 145
    HDL: 51
    TRI: 92

    At that time, the nurse practitioner said it was high but not enough to want me on a statin.

    Current: 2012 (tested on a 12 hour fast)
    Total: 431(!)
    LDL: 354 (315 Iranian eq.) (!!)
    HDL: 55
    TRI: 78
    Vitamin D: 14 (!)

    Ratios: 2008 to 2012
    Tot/HDL: 4.2 to 7.8 (Above the recommended 5.0)
    LDL/HDL: 2.8 to 6.8 (5.7 Iranian eq.) (both above the recommended 4.3)
    Tri/HDL: 1.8 to 1.4 (Below recommended 2.0)

    So, the first two ratio were better back in 2008, but Tri/HDL ratio has improved.

    LDL Type: 2012 (No 2008 results)
    LDL1 A: 55.2
    LDL2 A: 110
    LDL3 B: 146
    LDL4 B: 6.8
    LDL Density Pattern: A

    I'm a little unclear on the LDL results, if my type A and B are roughly equal, what does the Density Pattern indicate? Only that I have a greater type A number than type B? I realize the lower type B, the better... Anyone else seen such LDL tests? I haven't seen the numbers broken out before...

    So, the NP told me to take a Vit. D supplement but was okay with me working on the diet before jumping to statins. We're going to retest in 3 months. Got some work to do I guess...

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    Interesting numbers. Vitamin D will help.

    What's your 10 law adherence like?
    Lifting Journal


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      10 Rules

      Well, I must be failing #8 (sunlight). I work in an office but ride my bike 20 minutes to and from work 4-5 days a week. It's dark in the winter evenings coming home though.

      Good question though, made me go back to the book.

      Rule 1/2: I like to think I'm 80/20? No processed carbs/grains in the house, lots of animal proteins (beef and pork roasts, rib eyes, ground bison, salmon, tilapia) and dark green vegs cooked in good fats, and sweet potatoes cooked without oils. I indulge in a little dark chocolate and berries are the only fruit I eat. I eat lots of eggs, say 4 a day average (I'm thinking those will be the first thing go). Bacon once every two months. No nuts. Dairy is limited to whole cream in my coffee. I tried to switch to coconut milk in my coffee but it irritated my throat (cooked coco oil doesn't irritate) but went back to cream because I was concerned of inflammation. No cheeses. I cook in coconut oil or said grass fed butter, or sometimes animal fats. I can switch to ghee easily. No yogurts, though I used to eat a lot of the low fat Fage back in 2008, so not sure if that is the culprit.

      I'd like to eliminate one thing at a time to see if I can identify the cause. I'm starting with eggs, but will probably also substitute more fish for proteins. Alcohol intermittently. None for 3-4 weeks, then a night or two out of 4-5 drinks.

      3/4: I really wanted to make the lifestyle work without tons of exercise, I knew that was unsustainable from past experience. But, I do the daily biking (in SF, so there are hills) and I just started lifting heavy weights again last month (FYI, the lifting feels great. On my old CW diet, I was weak and had no strength gains. My strength gains have been immediate on this lifestyle). If I don't bike places, I walk all over the city.

      5/6: Sprint/Sleep. No focused sprint in my workouts (FAIL) and I could use another hour of sleep each night/less time at the computer

      7: Play: Maybe?.. I guess? I see this tied into my exercise, hikes, weekend mountain biking, etc.

      8: FAIL, apparently.

      9/10: I wear my seatbelt and have mentally engaging hobbies.

      This all said, the changes have helped my maintain/manage my weight. I lost 75+ lbs using a calorie restricted diet, lots of cardio and some weights leading up to 2008. I didn't really care what I ate, only the calories in/out. But, that yielded those 2008 numbers you see above. However, as I tried to maintain my weight lose, my weight would go up and down 10 pounds because I was slacking on exercise and would slip on diet and eat lots of processed carbs (bags of chips, breads, etc). So, I wanted to learn more about how food effects the body and eventually got to PB. This way of eating seems very logical and has been totally satisfying and my weight has been stable. Not that I don't have more weight that I would like to lose, but that is another post entirely (See also page 66 quote).

      Again, thanks for the good question. I'm also reviewing Mark's section on Cholestoral. Any further insights to the LDL question are appreciated.
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        - Eat 2 cans of sardines every day
        - Take 10,000IU vit D3 every day
        - Take 150mcg Kelp every day
        - Adhere to PB
        - Lift heavy things

        Those tricks got me to HDL: 80, Trigs: 41, LDL 121

        Also make sure you are not hypothyroid, that will mess up cholesterol.


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          Eat more veggies and fiber, eat less fatty meats.


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            Obviously trying to troll, but there's never anything wrong with more veggies -- nothing wrong with good quality fat either.
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              Originally posted by Faumdano View Post
              Obviously trying to troll, but there's never anything wrong with more veggies -- nothing wrong with good quality fat either.
              If the threadstarter wants that LDL to go down then the advice I gave will do it. More veggies, less fat, lower LDL.


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                What about all the short chain saturated fatty acids produced when all that extra fiber is fermented by gut flora?
                Primal food in Japan


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                  The VAP test was done as a full physical, so I believe the doc would have looked for hypothyriod.

                  My knee jerk reaction plan is to: cut eggs entirely and switch out most of the red meats for leaner meats/fish/chicken. With all that LDL I should be able to get Vit. D up (it converts/is produced with exposure to sunlight per PB), but I've been asked to take a Vit. D supplement and will do that too.
                  And, I'll measure/track my vegg/carb intake more closely, I go in an out of ketosis as it is, but want to know where I'm at before significantly upping them.

                  I'll revisit the this post with new bloodwork results in three months...

                  Thanks all,


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                    This is just me, but eggs are one of the healthiest things you can eat. Ever.

                    I would cut back on the heavy fatty meats and try to eat grass-fed if you aren't already. Leaner and better fat.


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                      Originally posted by d2mini View Post
                      This is just me, but eggs are one of the healthiest things you can eat. Ever.

                      I would cut back on the heavy fatty meats and try to eat grass-fed if you aren't already. Leaner and better fat.
                      Most people can eat lots of dietary cholesterol without it changing their cholesterol levels...some people cannot. It is possible that the TS is sensitive to dietary cholesterol and should cut out eggs.