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  • am i right in thinking...

    ... The idea of the PB is to use (predominantly) fat for fuel during the day; which includes walking. Then fuel workouts (sprints, heavy lifting) before and after with good carbohydrate to maximise performance (eg. veg, sweet potatoes etc.)?

    I have been struggling to get through my normal routine having gone primal (diet wise), and feel overtraining may be due to reducing carbohydrate at the wrong time of the day.

    Simple structure of what i think Primal Blueprint during a day should be:
    Meal 1 - pro/fats/veg
    Meal 2 - Pre workout - Mixed Macros (inc. good carbs)
    Workout - sprints/heavy lifting
    Meal 3 - Post Workout - fast digesting protein and carbohydrate
    Meal 4 - pro/fats/veg
    Meal 5 - pro/fats/veg
    Meal 6 - pro/fats/veg

    (meal number is irrelevant, just getting point across)

    i haven't been 'fueling' my workouts with carbohydrate as i was under the impression i shouldn't really be eating them much at all, but i need clarification from experienced PBers that i should/shouldn't be...

    any comments on if this isn't what i should be doing...?


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    Well, I never have a problem with low-carb and workouts. I will knock off a cup ( 8 oz) of raw, grass-fed whole milk a half an hour or less after my workouts for a quick protein jolt. But, last night I knocked off a dozen chicken wings and went straight to working out. I thought I was going to die - my digestive system was consuming too much energy digesting the protein and killed my workout.
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      I have found (in about 20 years of training) that this is totally person specific. Yes, there are people that tout you *have* to have carbohydrate to perform at some certain level. It's not always true. Hell, I don't eat for 20 hours before training. Nary a sugar in my bloodstream and I can still train with the same intensity and strength as when I would have 100g carbohydrate before training. Just have to adapt to it. Not everyone will adapt, so you really have to figure it out for yourself.

      Post training I will always eat some form of carbohydrates and protein together (with minimal fat), whether through a mix of dextrose/whey or just chicken or shrimp with tubers or possibly some rice. This isn't even totally necessary but since your insulin receptors are primed for uptake right after training, it is the best time (for me) to load up on the carbs. The intensity and, inversely, the volume will dictate how many carbs I eat PWO. Usually between 50 and 200g.

      If it were me, I would switch meals 2 and 4 thus only have carbohydrates after training only. I know about the peri-workout window and all that stuff, but as I said, this is what works best for me. As it stands now, if I "carb up" before training I get really fricken tired (sleep tired) half way through and I can't concentrate on the lifts.
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