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Meat in the Middle East - and camel...?

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  • Meat in the Middle East - and camel...?

    Hi All
    I'm a kiwi living in the Middle East where any kind of grass-fed/free range/organic red meat is pretty much non existant - all red meat is imported which is a real shame. Chickens are farmed locally but I'm unsure what they eat, and of course I am unable to find any information on the chicken farms in english! I've managed to work an agreement with an organic local farmer for free range eggs but unfortunately he can't provide me organic birds.. bummer. Whilst it is all Halal (for the muslim community) I'm unsure of the farming and 'organic' aspect of the meat here.

    There is however one locally produced meat readily available where I shop - camel, looks similar in veal in colour (more pink than the deep red of beef).

    Just wondering if anyone has any primal thoughts regarding camel? I've tried to find info but it seems few and far between. They seem to roam free here and a little more 'free range' than other red meats...?

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    I don't know about Abu Dhabi but in Oman I used to get great Somali meat very cheap - goat and lamb mostly. I went back last year and all the meat prices were 3x higher and the Somali stuff was gone. Probably piracy interrupting trade.

    Do you get chickens wandering about your neighbourhood? Like, not really cared for but still belonging to a local family? You could surely arrange to buy them live. The cocks would be especially tasty, although its no fun paying over the odds for cheap cooking wine.

    I can't see how camel can be much other than primal. Although could be grain fed I suppose. If they are scrubbing about eating thorny plants etc. then camel meat would be ideal. Camel milk, butter and laden should be nice too. You could get your maid to churn you some, why not?


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      I've always wanted to eat camel.

      Besides that, I can't tell you anything about it.


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        You're probably going to get a lot better stuff than we get in the states, and likely some of the lamb is kiwi or aussie anyhow. Just because it isn't officially labeled grass fed, etc., doesn't mean that it isn't. In much of the world, "natural" is the default way of raising animals still, and that's especially true in your country. I would also add that high-quality meat versus low-quality meat isn't the most important aspect of Primal anyhow.
        I wouldn't stress over-much about it.
        If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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          If it bleeds, you can eat it.


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            Cheers guys - I mainly buy aussie and kiwi meat so I'm not too worried about that so much... or the fact of whether its grass fed vs grain fed - it's very good quality... its more the chickens I'm concerned about but as I'm shifting to eating a lot more red meat so I guess I'm solving my problem there! The chickens here are MUCH smaller than kiwi chickens so I've convinced myself its because they aren't farmed and filled with hormones so turned it into a positive.

            We do have a few random chickens, and goats are fairly popular as well - I just saw camel the other day in my supermarket and thought about it - I'm sure its a great protein so I might just buy some and give it a go.... I can report back if anyone is keen to know how it goes!

            I'm pretty chilled on where my meat comes from, I was just keen to hear from anyone who had a tried and tested camel experience (so to speak!)

            Cheers again


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              Eat it.

              Report back.