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Metabolic Typing and PB

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  • Metabolic Typing and PB

    So I have to ask, is the concept of Metabolic Typing a real scenario and if so, would following any one particular diet critical to success?

    I read so many posts here where people are consuming massive amounts of foods that are carb free and grain free, with much success. Is there ever a situation where people can be following a path that may not work for their genes? The example would be someone that is visually thin and can eat as much bread at the age of 40 and never put on weight vs. a person like me who looks at bread and beer and gains pounds in one week.

    Any thoughts about this?

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    I thought about this too Daniel.

    I've had 'health-conscious' individuals say that my 'new diet' has some validity, however, that there are 'types' out there whom do well, or better, on certain carbs/ foods, etc.

    My husband and mother-in-law are freaks of nature. HEAVY (now 'ex&#39 smokers, heavy coffee drinker (her) and ate WHATEVER, WHENEVER and only 'sick' once or twice.

    Seriously, total freaks of nature! It's like they 'prove' me wrong. My husband met me and commented on my 'all natural' living and love for whole food, yet I was always sick, while he, a soda freak, would NEVER get sick!


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      ASNutrition/AS/EGYNutrition has a lot of info on MT. Maybe he can provide you w/ info.

      I'm like you Daniel. Whenever I eat non-primal stuff, they are usually prepared the traditional way. Eating rice 3 days in a row will make all my clothes tight. If I stick to Primal eating, my clothes begin to fit fine! I know people who eat all the wrong kinds of food and are not only just thin, but lean and energetic! Go figure!


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        Hi Daniel,

        My understanding of the issue is that there are specific factors that affect everyone the same way, and some that are based on environment and genetics. Lactose-intolerence comes to mind; some people can't do dairy and some people don't even notice if you slip cheese in their sammich.

        The aspects that are universal may seem to affect some people differently, but it's really more like their genes make them more resistant to specific types of damage. For example, all other variables being equal, someone could smoke their way to 75 years old while another will get lung cancer at 40. The 75yo is in bad shape, but he was more resistant to it.

        Another example is insulin. Aside from the issue of manufactured insulin resistance, two people at the same height, weight and body composition following the same diet probably have a slightly different insulin response to eating the same foods in the same quantities. Although the data points would probably not reveal an extraordinary level of overall variation, there will most likely be some outliers.


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          Personally I think is a little stock to be put into bodytyping...but not much all that much. I think when it really boils down to it, the type of diet you choose should be the one that best helps you achieve your goals.

          Back in the day I used to eat entire large pizzas by myself for dinner, if not two larges, bags of and bags of candy and jars of peanut butter dozens of donuts...basically I packed food away like it was going out of style. I was energetic, happy, enjoyed the food, working out wasn't any trouble and at my heaviest was only 160lbs fully clothed.

          But I have never been lean before, 6-pack lean, and right now that goal is dictating my diet. I know for some people diets are dictated by medical reasons, but if that isn't the case just go for the one that will get you where you want.

          Sorry that was kind of a rant.

          My whole life, I've felt like an animal......but I've ignored my instincts. I ignored what I really am. That will never happen again.

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            Metabolic type is a genetic adaptation to carbohydrate consumption. While some people metabolize carbs at slower rates ,and thus, can eat more carbs without as much of an insulin spike, it still doesn't follow that they should or would be better off eating more carbs. It just means that they could without as great a negative impact. Take the general asian population for instance. All of that rice for thousands of years has brought about a population of primarily very slow burners, but if they were to abstain from carbohydrates, they would easily remain in ketosis and be fine. More than fine.

            Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

            Anyone who wants to talk nutrition should PM me!