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Hard coconut fat

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  • Hard coconut fat

    What do people think of this stuff: "hard coconut fat". There is a picture of it in that link

    I bought some in a supermarket the other day. They didn't sell any coconut oil but they did sell those blocks of hard fat. How healthy is it? Is it a direct substitute for coconut oil?

    The label says "Coconut Fat, pure plant oil. Unhardened." I think unhardened means non-hydrogenated, and that is how Google translate renders "ungehärtet" (German likes to add 'ge' prefixes to words for the past tense)
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    Any ideas anyone? This stuff:

    It tasted fine when I made fried eggs this morning. Is it the same a coconut oil with the same health benefits?


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      I don't see how it could not soften at around 75-80 degrees fahrenheit if it was not hydrogenated. Coconut butter/milk/oil will soften/liquefy/clarify at a relatively low temperature. Perhaps it was hard simply because it's cold where you are or the store is holding it in a refrigerated case. You fried eggs in it so it had to have melted at some point. I keep my oil in a stove w/ a pilot light or else it would be rock solid this time of year.

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      There really should be no reason to hydrogenate it anyway because it keeps w/o doing it.
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        I *think* "ungehaertet" means non-hydrogenated. It is definitely hard at room temperature, although my kitchen is 55F-60F during the day. I didn't refrigerate it and it stayed as hard as when it was in the fridge.

        As an experiment I can keep it in this room where it is a bit warmer and see what happens.


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          My coconut oit is solid at around 70 degrees F.