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Getting the amount of carbs right

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  • Getting the amount of carbs right


    Mark writes that we should get 100-150 g carbs/day to maintain our weight, How many carbs should I eat each day? | Mark's Daily Apple

    But do we have to worry about all the carbs? If for example we eat a lot of vegetables, things might easily add up to more than 150 g/day in combination with some beans and a piece of fruit.

    What to do then? As far as I can see, Mark's theory is that we can eat as many vegetables, beans and meat as we want + fruit in moderation (which I believe 1 piece of fruit/day is).


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    Originally posted by phixx View Post
    If for example we eat a lot of vegetables, things might easily add up to more than 150 g/day in combination with some beans and a piece of fruit.
    I have lent my book out but I'm pretty sure this is roughly what Mark writes...
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      So if we were maintaining, beans are in? I misunderstood then, I thought beans were out because they were legumes and had anti-nutrients. Counld someone please clarify? Thanks!!!


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        no beans. well, you can soak them for an annoying amount of time to remove the anti-nutrients...but if you want extra carbs just grab some potatoes or rice.
        whether you are maintaining or trying to lose weight, focus on vegetables and your protein. just eat won't wither away to nothing. this is not a lifestyle solely meant for weight loss; it is a lifestyle of correcting the wrongs done by SAD. you'll have to eat a lot of veggies to reach 100-150 grams, and if you have room for beans or fruit, fine. but i doubt you'll have room.


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          If you are worried about it, choose vegetables that are lower in carbohydrates. Personally I would find it difficult to eat over 100 grams of vegetables.
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            It really must be personalized. One person may lose on 500g, another may stall on 50g. Also depends on goal and starting point. Also depends on time of year for some. Light cycles and all that come into play. Dial in primal eating and tweak from there.


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              Unless I'm eating nothing but potatoes or tubers I can't even imagine getting to 150g a day of carbs on just vegetables.

              Most days I'll either eat some gluten free grain free bread with a sandwich at lunch, a kind bar between lunch and my workout (fruit and nuts), and probably a sweet potato with dinner and even then I'm barely hitting 150g of carbs.

              Hell, yesterday I had a hamburger on a gluten free bun for lunch, pasta made with rice noodles for dinner, and a bunch of raisins for a snack and I still barely hit 150g of carbs!

              What otzi said is right... for Mary Jane, she might need 60g of carbs a day to lose weight because she's metabolically fucked. However, for Mary Sue, she may be able to eat 175g a day and lose weight / maintain because she's healthy and active. Carbohydrates are seriously the most subjective and personal aspect of this diet.

              For me, personally, I need a higher amount of carbohydrates to function properly and that is why I have started including things like rice pasta or gluten free breads with minimal ingredients... because eating tubers every damn day gets OLD as hell. Between making my own gluten free bread in the bread machine or buying Udi's products once in awhile, I've finally got my carb levels to where I need them... it just took me about 6 months to figure it out!

              That was a personal decision for my personal carb intake!


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                A great example is the difference between myself and another good friend I have here on the boards. I need around 75- 125g carbs per day for a happy thyroid and brain, any less and I turn into the bitch from hell and my thyroid fucks me over. Said good friend can't go over 50g carbs without immediately gaining back weight, having glandular issues, and turning into a raging bread fiend. YMMV. You are an n=1 experiment and you'll hafta figure out what works for you by experimentation.
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                  Carbs are different for everyone in my personal opinion. After much experimentation for myself, I found that I'm good to go on 100-150g a day.