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Noosa Yoghurt (yes, that's how they spell it)

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  • Noosa Yoghurt (yes, that's how they spell it)

    Has anyone tried this? I picked up a couple pints of this, ingredients list looked ok (not totally primal, not 100% grassfed). Holy shit, this is honestly some of the best yogurt I have ever tasted. It's more of a dessert. I treat it like ice cream, small amounts here and there.

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    Oh, that's where I lived from age 5 to age 30. Gorgeous place back then (still gorgeous but the people are so fake looking now). And funnily enough, that particular yoghurt was probably first made where I'm living now (about 30 mins up the highway from Noosa) and first sold at our local markets here. It was also the first yoghurt I tried and liked. So originally it was 'Gympie gourmet yoghurt' and then they sold to other companies and it is no longer made here We still eat it weekly (I don't, the kids do)

    So just a bit of (hopefully) interesting trivia.


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      Noosa is a lovely lovely place! And Aussie yogurt is particularly lush.

      Put the two together in a tub and you might just have a piece of heaven! LOL
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        Ah, yes. I can indeed vouch for Noosa being lovely! The yogurt sounds intriguing too. I'll have to keep my eye out for some.


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          Hmmm Aussie yogurt is good. You should try the 5 AM-brand. Beautiful!


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            Where'd you get it from? I might try some myself.

            Spelling is normal too.


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              I live just outside of San Diego. I picked it up at Sprouts.
              "The problem with quoting someone on the Internet is, you never know if it's legit" - Abraham Lincoln


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                I drove to Noosa when I was a student one day in 1974 to go surfing off the point. I arrived at 5 a.m. The break was about 4 foot and crystal clear. In those days Noosa was a sleepy hippy village. The greatest thing about that morning was that right in front of where I parked the car, on the foreshore, there was a naked girl practising yoga. The surf was brilliant too.

                Today it's a millionaire's playground and full of tacky shops. Far too trendy. But the memories are vivid and delightful. Calling yoghurt "Noosa" yoghurt doesn't seem right to me somehow.


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                  Yeah it's a millionaires' playground, but brush turkeys still wander down the main street. That keeps it real for the likes of me.