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    So yesterday I had to help my brother move. For dinner my sis made a big pot of jambalaya with great ingredients, chockfull of protein; shrimp, chicken thighs and spicy andouille sausage. Thankfully for me, she is picky about mushy rice and kept the brown rice in a separate pot. Instead of rice, I plopped in a couple good spoonfuls of my mom's sauteed cactus. It was delicious and everyone else loved it too. I love cactus though I hardly make it myself because it entails removing the prickly spines, very labor intensive. Had some leftover cactus today w/two scrambled organic eggs. Now this is living! I am so glad I found this website. It really has helped me to see that one can not only live grain-free well but live grain-free and thrive.

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    What kind of cactus is it? How long does it take to grow?


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      The kind you find at Mexican grocery stores, called nopales, I believe most of them are imported from Mexico, with maybe some from the Southwestern US. They are about the size of your hand. Some places will sell them cleaned and cubed. They are very tangy and good. The fruit is also good, also known as prickly pears.


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        Prickly pear pads also make a very good poltuce for drawing infection out of a wound or abcess. You peel the outter skin off one side and scrape up the pulpy part and wrap it over the area with bandages. I learned that from Doug Simons:

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          Nopalitos are fricking AWESOME. Take some of the pads and broil 'em, plop a pork chop on top of that, and pile on a sauce made of the tuna fruit (the prickly pear) and you've got some DAMN good eats.
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            I've eaten lots of nopalitos, mostly fresh and sauteed in olive oil. I'll need to try it grilled or broiled! I goes awesome w/pork too.