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  • Primal food questions

    Hi everybody,
    This is first post and I just had a few questions for now.
    (1) I don't see turkey on Mark's list of foods to eat. Is organic ground turkey O.K. to eat?
    I mix it with my grass fed beef to stretch it because of costs.
    (2) Sulphite free wine is hard to find. Does the benefits of red wine outway the negative effects of sulphites?
    (3) What are Mark's recommended daily servings of meat?

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    Turkey is fine. Animals are great to eat. I think some people would argue against chicken and turkey for their more pufa oriented fat content, but as far as conventionally fed meat goes, I think that's actually the way to go.

    No idea about the sulphites; I don't think anyone can answer that with anything firm behind their answer. I would say just go for it.

    As far as meat goes, I think that's also a personal thing. If you're a guy and looking to build muscle, it's a little different than if you're a guy trying to lose weight. If you want to see what mark recommends specifically, then it might pay to check what mark eats in an average day. I think he has one or two posts with that info.
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      Mark recommends 0.7 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass (its in the primal blueprint book) as a minimum. 4oz of meat is generally 20-25 grams protein so you can do the math. Personally I eat about 1.5 grams per lbs (sometimes more)


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        I'd be very, very wary of mixing poultry & beef - quick road to salmonella poisoning. It MAY be OK if you mix them once cooked and consume immediately but I personally would not mix ground beef and poultry.
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          All fowl is all good IMO. Chicken, turkey, duck, goose, quail, dove, yum! I'd have a reference for pastured birds allowed to forage for greens and bugs as the majority of their diet... but you can't always get what you want all the time.

          Also, I do not think that mixing ground beef and ground turkey is a problem at all, as long as it's in an application where the meat will be cooked through thoroughly. For me this means in broken up in a skillet like for "taco" meat, or in a meat loaf... NOT in a burger patty because I prefer my burgers med-rare.
          I've done it plenty, and I'll continue to do it... never made me sick, and won't as long as I follow basic cooking rules.

          Wine, I have no clue... I don't like the stuff enough to know.

          Chrish2891 has the meat numbers pegged.
          However, I don't weigh meat or follow the amount I consume closely. Some days I eat lots, some days not so much because I want more veg. For me keeping track makes it too much like a cruddy "diet" instead of a happy way of life. Maybe measuring will help you get a feel in the beginning and then you can leave off?
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