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New-Advice wanted for feeding families (teen girls plus their friends)

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  • New-Advice wanted for feeding families (teen girls plus their friends)

    Hi all- I'm really interested in this way of eating. I've always had a lot of veggies in my diet and have tried on and off to be vegetarian but this has resulted in binging (for me). Any advice on meals (particularly packed school lunches and snacks) for families? We also have lots of people over, including a lot of teen girls. Thanks for any advice. BYW, I have 3 teen girls, one a pescatarian (over two years, she's not going to change).

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    Omelettes are a brilliant way to work in veggies without anyone REALLY noticing. I get tons of mine in through that.

    Aside from that, try working with interesting and flavorful sauces (I like pesto, mustard, and tomato sauces); obviously you'll have to check the ingredients list to make sure they're totally paleo friendly (I wouldn't worry about small amounts of dextrose or whatever being added, just make sure it's not contributing more than g or two of carbs). I have also found gaucamole to be a very good friend as it can hide yucky veggies in it while being delicious and super paleo friendly

    Good luck feeding the family
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