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Can the PB lifestyle help my very thin husband GAIN some weight?

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    While I agree that there's probably a genetic disposition that will always have him tilt toward skinny, I recall a section of GCBC where Taubes stated that nicotine is a chemical that can operate on your brain and (I don't remember the exact details and I'm at work going from memory) essentially put the body into a hormone balance where it's predisposed to basically never store fat and hunger is down-shifted.

    I've heard the cursing of many a reformed smoker about how they've put on weight and are always hungry, and while some people ascribe this to "needing to do something with your hands" or other psychological motivators, it makes sense that nicotine can be an appetite suppressant and when one quits, that suppression is removed and they gain weight/eat more (cause and effect are likely backwards from most CW point of views).

    Place the appetite suppression of nicotine on top of a situation where there's probably a genetic disposition towards skinny...and the result is the super ridiculous low amount of food consumption. Smoking is most likely hurting him and not just in the "classic" (Lung cancer, emphysema, etc.) ways that smoking hurts people.

    Probably not what he's going to want to do, but I'd START with: 1) Kicking the smoking and then 2) When the appetite comes, feed it with a solid PB meal plan.

    Dialing back the coffee can probably wait until later (and, in fact, could be used to add some PB stuff -- Bulletproof coffee, adding Coconut Milk to coffee, etc.) although as someone else mentioned, if you can go with high-end stuff (mold free beans, etc.) vs. generic crap that would be better.
    Re-focusing on the Primal Lifestyle in 2012!

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    Latest: 208.9, 26.1% BF (3/19/2012)


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      Pffffft.....nice one Grizz. I like my plan better, I'll just look out for myself...and be as healthy as I can.

      Originally posted by Grizz View Post
      Keep this very simple.
      1) Take out a BIG insurance policy on his life
      2) Stop nagging, you are wasting your breath
      3) He is killing himself with such a bad diet
      4) You will be the Merry Widow, loaded with his insurance money.



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        thank you tim. i'm going to copy and paste all of this in an email to him.
        I hope it'll open his eyes.


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          I'm also exactly 6', 161 lbs. I've been primalfor 5 years+. I've gone from 155 to the present 161. I work out (Crossfit with an emphasis on heavy lifting) 3X/week. But, I haven't gain onelb since starting crossfit, but I have gotten much stronger and my endurance is way up.


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            Primal eating will do wonders for his hormones. This is well documented and I am sure the men and women here will attest to it as well :-)

            This means he would almost certainly start gaining muscle while doing no more exrecise than he is now- as the grains etc are suppressing his normal systems.

            Eating steak, eggs, and getting stronger ( and dare I say more manly) with no effort should all get his interest !

            Perhaps some obvious "wins" in this area might then have him giving up smoking of his own accord, once he experienced that slow decline and self inflicted bad health are optional. And the alternative is good fun !!


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              I to am a former smoker just quit in Jan. Also went is hard work


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                Hi Rich. I keep reading about how fast the benefits of quitting are evident to a person....I hope you're still not smoking, and you'll doing well.