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Smoking real tobacco.

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  • Smoking real tobacco.

    This is something I do a couple times a week, with a shirlock pipe and real shredded tobacco. My question is not whether or not it's a healthy activity, but rather, will it inhibit my mission of burning enough fat to get a six-pack by summer? I follow primal fitness and eat very strict and have lost 50 lbs in 3 months.
    this great blue world of ours seems a house of leaves, moments before the wind

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    come on.


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      It's a great stress reliever, and studies of some of the longest-lived people in history smoked real tobacco. Non-lazy replies only, please. I'm interested in the effects of smoking on metabolism and fat loss.
      this great blue world of ours seems a house of leaves, moments before the wind


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        non lazy questions only then.

        lazy? are you serious?

        you're blessed with this reply. there should be a candle burning in your home, right now, with my name on it.

        you see all the nba players and how fit they are? 80% of that league smokes marijuana regularly.

        you think a few hits of tobacco once or twice a week will destroy your fitness?

        the effects are negligible.


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          That candle does exist, and has been burning, and I'm surprised you're not creeped out by that.

          And I am delighted by your response. That was the logic I had playing my head, just wanted to see if others thought the same way.
          this great blue world of ours seems a house of leaves, moments before the wind


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            Personally, I know the effects of smoke on a human body are far from optimal, but I grew up with a dad that smoked a cigar and a pipe. Damn, that's a really good smell!

            Given 2 gorgeous twins standing side by side, one smoking a cigar or a pipe and the other not, I'm picking the smoker every time.

            The same does NOT apply to cigarettes, though. Seeing a guy smoke one of those is a huge turnoff, along with a guy smoking weed (you can thank past pothead boyfriends for that one). Just how my brain works.


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              I'd say the impact is negligible. About 15 years ago durign three years of graduate school I smoked about 6 to 10 bowls of pipe tobacco a day in the 30 or so pipes I had (still have but with a job and two young kids I'm lucky to smoke once a week or month now). I was never addicted, you just don't get enough nicotine to feel it. But I lived alone, studied at my place hours at a time and liked the concentration benefits of pipe tobacco and lots of green tea. Anyway, one year I was resolved to lose weight (non primally just doing CW) and I lost about 30 lbs with no problems. I also became a huge fitness fanatic at the time while losing weight, I went from being able to barely jog 1/4 mile at a time weighing 205 lbs to running 3 or 4 miles at a time on a treadmill at an 8 minute per mile pace then I would do ellipticals, nordic tracks, etc. I could easily work out two or three hours in a row weighing 170 to 175 lbs. All this I did while regularly smoking 6 to 10 bowls of pipe tobacco a day.

              If anything, I think smoking pipes means you are not putting food in your mouth and it probably ups your metabolism slightly. I would say that if you inhale you are harming your lungs more and less able to engage in exercise. While there is some second hand smoke risk, I think it is negliglbe. If you think that for thousands of years Grok cooked foods in poorly ventilated areas all the while exposed to sooty air, I don't think a few hours a week of second hand smoke exposure is that harmful. Also with a pipe, you never have direct exposure of the tobacco on your lips as with a cigar. Finally, smoke slowly so the smoke is not heated and will not burn your tongue or mouth. If you do all these things in moderation, I'd say you could absolutely lose weight and thrive primally, damn I wish I could right now!


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                Grok likely inhaled quite a bit of smoke, I imagine, what with building fires IN A CAVE and all.

                In moderation, and without an unlucky set of genes, seems reasonable to guess that the impact is negligible.


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                  One thing to remember is that whatever grok smoked wasn't grown using super phosphates or other nasty chemicals.
                  So the damage from inhaling the smoke from naturally grown tobacco would probably be a hell of a lot less than what you'd be smoking today.

                  I read an interesting book by a chap capped Percy Weston about preventing cancer by avoiding foods high in phosphate and especially grown with super phos. One of the anecdotes he told was about lung cancer only appearing in smokers after super phos was introduced to tobacco growers to rapidly increase their yield. He started out as a tobacco farmer in Australia.

                  To be honest, I'm not sure on this one from a health perspective, fitness meh, I've trained with super fit guys who smoked 40 a day, but that was when they were in their 20's, who knows what health impacts it'll have in later life. I also worked with a former Australian Football League star (read very fit) who was dying from emphasema (sp) from smoking all his life and he was only in his late 40's / early 50's.

                  My grandad died at 67 from lung and throat cancer, he only ever smoked rolling tobacco, but chain smoked.

                  I doubt a toke on a pipe a coupla times a week is going to do much harm and if it relieves stress then it's doing some good I guess, but with modern growing practices it's anything but natural. Something to think about I guess... Risk benefit analysis required
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