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  • Kerrygold Butter Prices

    Can you tell me where you buy your Kerrygold (or other grass fed) butter and how much you pay for it? What part of the country are you in?

    I am in an outer suburb Portland, OR and I have checked the two grocery stores closest to me and they want $5.50 for an 8oz block. This feels really expensive to me. Is that what you all pay for it?

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    I am in Germany, and a 250g-bar of Kerrygold costs me about 1,70 EUR in a regular supermarket. If it's a special offer, you can get it for about 1,20 EUR.
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      Trader Joe's in Charlotte NC $2.79. Supermarkets $5.00.


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        I agree it's pricey but damn is that stuff GOOD!


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          Also in NC, and both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods has Kerrygold for under $3.00.


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            Santa Rosa (N. California) Costco: $6.69 for the 17.6-oz container of whipped Kerrygold.


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              Google is your friend

              If you're going to pay that much for butter, instead of shipping from Ireland, why not go Portland local:

              Jacob's Creamery has grass-fed Jersey cow butter, which you can buy in Shemanski Park and other local markets:

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              Jacobs Creamery-Handcrafted Artisan Cheeses

              Failing that, yes, Trader Joe's is probably the place to go.
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                I pay 2.69 for 8 oz.
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                  $2.79/8 oz at Trader Joe's. That is unbelievably cheap, bordering on half the price anywhere else.
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                    I'm in the UK and it sells in my local Asda (walmart?) for 1.30 ish, but its sometimes on offer for 1 every so often.
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                      $2.69 at Trader Joes, and I get a local butter that is maybe 6.50 a lb at the farmers market. The Kerrygold is really good compared to the local butter though.

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                        Originally posted by Laura B View Post
                        Trader Joe's in Charlotte NC $2.79. Supermarkets $5.00.
                        Same deal in NYC/NJ ... I paid the $5 at Shoprite then ChocoTaco told me Trader Joe's prices are the same everywhere so I went to the NYC one and indeed. I bought 10, 5 salted, 5 unsalted. Freezer baby.
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                          I suggest we delete this thread before TJ's sees it! I fn love Kerrygold now, other butters really suck compared to it.
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                            Its been on sale at whole foods for a couple months at $2.18. I dont shop for much at whole foods, but when I do, I get 4 pounds of butter and 3 jars if pickles.


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                              I thought I would compare the prices with those in Ireland.

                              At Tesco Ireland 225g is 1.69 euro
                              450g is 2.95 euro.

                              Convert to US dollars. for 250g is $2.19
                              for 450g is $3.82

                              So actually the poor souls in Ireland are paying the equivalent, if not in reality more for the same thing. You guys should be paying more for shipping etc, but generally you aren't except for the OP.

                              It is interesting it is the same price in Germany as in Ireland.

                              I am sure there is lesson in this somewhere, but I am not sure what it is. Maybe the efficiency of Germany compared to other EU countries.

                              Enjoy your butter.
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