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3 weeks In, Some Observations

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  • 3 weeks In, Some Observations

    I have more energy and it is a constant, evened energy. A tempered one that lasts and lasts for hours. Increased concentration.
    My hyperactivity has decreased with this even energy.
    My racing thoughts have decreased.
    I sleep later in the mornings.
    I have WAY less bloating/gas, but the little gas I do have is extremely potent/concentrated poots (lol).
    I am more lean.
    I feel great.
    I have clearer skin.
    I have energy well into the night (a calm energy, and could go to bed if i wanted to)
    I have less dishes to clean/wash because of the simplicity.
    My grocery bills have increased - slightly. (sacrifice I guess)


    I eat out less, and am not constantly driven by hunger to buy shit I don't need.

    That's a good summary. I gave the good and the bad. Notice there's way way more good.
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    Nice summary! Sounds familiar I've also had the same observation about the gas release heh
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      I had more and deadlier gas when I was on SAD eating more veggies.
      Learning the intricacies of healthy eating and nourishing my body the right way.
      I am not bald, that is a Vitamin D collector. Time to Grok and Roll!
      Eased into a primal diet starting at Christmas 2011. Goal weight - 205 started: 240 pounds waist 40, now 227 pounds and waist 38 Summer 2012 - weight =215 and waist is actually still 39"
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        Agree with the enhanced concentration...honestly, I've never felt so sharp. Been doing my job for 6 years and I'd always have to write things down so I wouldn't forget what stage my clients were at during the implementation. Now I just write particulars down, like what issues came up and what they asked me to change, etc. My memory is a lot better now and I can easily recall details about every client I have on the go. AND I'm taking college courses at night AND sleeping well.

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          Yup it's A beautiful life!


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            Ditto on all that, P.Stewart!

            An added bonus for me is that my BP is back down to 100's/60's vs. 130/90, and I'm handling stressful situations with surprising(for me) finesse. I got my first speeding ticket ever today, and I am totally cool with it.
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