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  • Freshii

    Hey everyone I just got back from a place called Freshii in Newport Beach, CA. It was pretty good. It's a build your meal type place where you can add a bunch of ingredients where some your charged for and some your not. Anyway I got an steak salad used with Organic steak and I put on the salad mushrooms, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts etc. etc. There's about 75 different items to choose from. Anyway it was pretty good and not tooooo expensive. Cost me $10 for Organic Steak salad with my choice of toppings isn't too bad. Of course if I added egg, avacado and bacon it probably would have been a $15 salad. They have about 20 locations so check it out if theres one near you and post your experience. freshii&#153 - FRESH FOOD. CUSTOM BUILT. FAST.

    Oh and BTW if you get the steak salad tell them you want it hot, cold steak doesn't work in any situation.

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    There was a Freshii next door where I used to work. Awesome salads, kind of pricey (but I'm Canadian, so we pay out the a$$ for everything). They closed down though, which made me sad
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