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  • yum yum raw coconut truffles

    I know a lot of people here love coconut but do you know that the coconut flakes you buy are defated (to extend their shelf life and prevent them from going rancid)? Or do you know that from 1 raw coconut you can make ~ 1/2 cup coconut butter for way less money than what it cost to buy coconut butter?

    Last week I was craving some coconut water so I bought a coconut and after drinking the water I decided to get creative. I took the coconut meat out and used my Omega 8004 juicer (which is the best gadget ever- can do so many things with it; I especially love making zucchini spaghetti/noodles; and cleaning it literally takes me 30sec-1 min) to create the coconut flakes. Some milk came out as well but not too much (there is a way to make raw coconut milk with it if you intend to do that). After that I change the juicer attachment to the one used for nut butters and put the coconut flakes about 2 times through it which resulted in a nice coconut butter. I didn't have much patience when I took the flesh out of the coconut and there was still some of that brown peel on the coconut meat - I think if you take all that off your coconut butter will turn even better. To that I added 1 tsp pure vanilla extract and 2 tsp pure maple syrup. I formed them in small balls and tossed them in grated organic dark chocole and put them in a freezer on a wax paper lined cookie sheet for about 20 minutes. From 1 coconut I made about 28 truffles and let me tell you- they are sooooooo good. First time I made this I was nervous they won't stick together and I added 2Tbs melted coconut butter before forming the balls. I keep them in the fridge to prevent them from going rancid.