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New to Primal - What is bulletproof coffee? And...

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  • New to Primal - What is bulletproof coffee? And...

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new to primal, so every week is a new learning experience. This week, I keep reading about "Bulletproof" coffee? Would someone please tell me what that is?

    Also, is butter allowed on primal or not? I use Kerrygold on my veggies (yum!) and coconut oil for cooking. Should I "kick" my butter habit?

    Thanks so much!

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    Bulletproof coffee: Recipe: How to Make Your Coffee Bulletproof...And Your Morning Too | The Bulletproof Executive

    Butter is primal, but many aren't really tolerant. If you start stalling on your goals you might want to cut all dairy for 30 days a test.


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      Or try coconut oil instead. I actually really enjoyed coconut milk in my coffee. Now I'm off coffee completely due to allergies.

      I wonder what ghee would taste like in bulletproof coffee/tea? I know it's still technically butter, but it does have all the milk solids taken out.
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        Thanks. That helps a lot!



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          Thanks for the thread because in a previous comment I said how can you have oily coffee but in the recipe you blend the coffee and butter until frothy and you don't get the oiliness - I may give it a try.
          So this bulletproof coffee can keep hunger at bay. Still need to look up whether adding fat negates some of the antioxidant benefits - I'm sure I read that somewhere.


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            I wouldn't worry about the very minor anti-oxidant benefits you get from coffee being negated by MCT and butter. You're using it for a vehicle for the MCT and butterfat, any a/o you get on top is just gravy.

            That said, I still think BP coffee is a sucker's tasty, it packs a lot of fat in, but it's not particularly quick and if you follow the "rules" it's hella expensive too. Personally, I'd rather have a load of protein and fat equaling the same calories for breakfast. With a cup of MCT-loaded coffee on the side.


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              I may give it a try.i want to .....


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                I have an aerolatte that speeds up the process a lot. aerolatte It's a little hand-whipper that froths up drinks. I saw the same thing for sale at the gourmet grocery store in the cocktail gadgets department. Only takes a couple of seconds to whip the oils in and make it foamy and frothy.
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