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I know it's been said before, Weight isn't an Accurate Measurement

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  • I know it's been said before, Weight isn't an Accurate Measurement

    I have been eating primal since Jan 1st. I dropped from 226 lbs to 214 within the first two weeks. I had been feeling like I was stuck fluctuating between 216-214 the last week but kept at it although I was wondering to myself what I was doing wrong.

    I remained disciplined though because I can't deny the fact that health wise, I am feeling great. I went for a nice hike to the top of Torrey Pines with my family and barely felt winded. Normally I would have felt winded and needed to take several short breaks to catch my breath. In the past I always blamed my allergies and mild asthma for my poor endurance. Now, I know my lack of pep was a reflection of my poor health.

    All last week I was still feeling a bit frustrated that my weight loss was at a stall. Then a funny thing happened. I was standing with my hands at my side and my wedding ring fell off my finger. This is my second wedding ring (my fat ring). It has been snug for the last ten years and now the thing falls right off my finger if I am not careful. I guess that is progress after all. Looks like I will be in the market for a new ring in the future. Don't give up people. Be patient and your health can return. Thanks for listening.


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    Well done! I always suggest to people starting is to take photos to track the changes over time and track the way clothes, rings etc fit.
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      I agree. I've found that weight fluctuates throughout the day, and besides which, you can't tell by standing on the scales how much of that weight is muscle or excess fat. It really is best to go by feel until you can see tangible results.
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        Ain't that the truth! I have only lost 10kgs but my measurements show a loss of 44.5cm in 4 months. I am now only weighing monthy - I deliberately did not replace the battery in my scale and I go to my medical clinic as close to the 1st of the month as I can for my weigh in - that is measurement day too.
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          weighing is only one point of reference. You have to look also at measurements as mentioned above but also general health. Do you have more energy, how are those joints and muscles feeling, how is your mental outlook? No one point can determine success! Happy grokin!

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            You story sounds like mine (so far).

            First week I dropped 9 pounds. Holiday bloat. Down from 190 to 181. Scale got down to 179 at one point, but fluctuates between there and 182 most times (yes, I weight daily, no, I don't pay a lot of attention to that number).

            But, clothes are getting a bit looser, my wedding ring is definitely looser on my finger already. This weekend I do plan on taking tape/body fat measurements to track progress over the first 4 weeks.


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              Same story here as the op and moderngrok...dropped 9 pounds in first two weeks, but only 1 or 2 the next week and a half. But, ring is looser (haven't really thought to check that until reading this thread) and jeans that were only slightly comfortable after a day wearing them are now very comfortable fresh out of the dryer.

              So, progress is measured in lots of other ways.
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                My ring is still tight, can't wait for it to get a little less tight. I took pictures on day one and now I weigh and measure every Friday. I'm so glad I'm taking measurements because the inches are going down more rapidly than the weight. On day 17 I was down 13 inches and 5.2lbs. I plan to take new pictures every 30 days.