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Bloating when eating vegetables and alternative snacks

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  • Bloating when eating vegetables and alternative snacks

    Since going Primal i have been feeling truly amazing to say the least but i have some digestive problems with vegetables and nuts.

    Background: I had Acid Reflux for a long time and ended up having a Nissen Fundiplication to solve the problem. I have a history of many stomach problems in my family like lactose intolerance, gastritis, gallbladder problems.

    When i eat vegetables and ESPECIALLY Raw nuts i get bad bloating and gas to the point where it really affects my ability to function.

    My two questions are

    1. What can i do do aid the digestion with vegetables?

    2. What are some other alternative snacks to eat on the go besides nuts?

    Thanks a Million!


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    Enzymedica "Digest" has pretty much changed my life. I used to constantly be bloated after eating. I eat a lot of veggies, but no nuts. I take 2 before each meal and it is like a miracle... seriously. I actually think my body was not getting the nutrients it needed before, either. You aren't supposed to need them forever, either. Your body (supposedly) makes them more efficiently after you supplement for some time.

    Just my .02.


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      i eat a TON of veggies too...i love them all! i dont eat nuts ..

      anyone else have any recomm for a good digestive enzyme?


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        Most raw nuts need to be soaked overnight to get rid of the natural toxins and such in nuts -- a protective device, like their shells. If you look up nuts - soaking times, you can get a tons of information. For many people, soaking them gets rid of digestive problems and migraines that they would otherwise get. Brazil nuts don't need soaking. I believe macadamia nuts is another one that doesn't. Some people dehydrate them after soaking them to make them crispier, but that's a lot of work. I've been eating three Brazil nuts a day because our soil in the Northwest US lacks selenium, but I think I can cut them out now that I am eating meats and such which have it.. Hard boiled eggs might be a good snack -- or some pre-cooked meats.

        Lightly steamed vegetables are often good. You could season them and put them in a bag. I assume you meant raw vegies were giving you bloat. Lightly cooking vegies usually gets rid of that. Raw vegetables, unless you have LOTS of time to chew don't go down so easily.


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          If you want to digest your vegetables, cook them into grey mush. They're delicious that way and you'll have 0 bloating or gas.
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            Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
            If you want to digest your vegetables, cook them into grey mush. They're delicious that way and you'll have 0 bloating or gas.

            The more you cook any food the easier it is to digest.
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              I'm trying to cut back on nuts because I lose weight faster that way. Other snack options are Tanka Bars, hard boiled eggs, fresh berries, and slices of deli meat (I love Applegate Farms). Sometimes I'll have a few slices of turkey or some berries with a small handful of nuts. That combo seems to work for me.


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                If it is that bad I would drop nuts if I was you.
                For snacks a small bag of veg, beef jerky things like that.
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                  Of just enjoy a nice trail mix once a week on grocery day.
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                    Thanks for the advice guys.

                    I threw put some almonds to soak for the night and will see how i handle them.

                    I'm gonna try to cook my vegetables very thoroughly and see how i handle those.

                    Im also gonna check out the digestive enzyme and some tanka bars/beef jerky sounds damn delicious.



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                      I would drop the nuts. HA. That sounds funny.

                      Also, take a digestive enzyme with ox bile in it.

                      Start taking a high quality probiotic as well.

                      Report back
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                        I agree, your nuts should be dropping about now.
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                          I usually steam or lightly stir fry my vegetables - cooking them to 'mush' may remove digestive problems but that is because there is nothing to digest - you've thrown out all the goodness in the cooking water!

                          I'd suggest doing an elimination diet - takes a bit of time but well worth the effort.

                          Drop the nuts for a start, altogether - you can re-introduce them later if you want.

                          Have one vegetable per night with your evening meal. Steam the vege until just softening. Eat up and if it gives you bloating, mark it down as something to be avoided. After 2-3 weeks you should have a list of palatable veges for you, and eating only those that do not upset you will let your digestive system settle.

                          I'd say a few months down the track you can try re-introducing the problem veges, again, one at a time and you'll probably find some of them OK by then.

                          Follow the same process for the nuts.
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