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IBS, Food Obsession, Eating Disorder

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    I'm not sure if its been thrown out there yet or not but I had IBS to the point i couldnt go out and eat without needing a bathroom trip and i would get so nauseous after just 2 or 3 bites i had to stop and wait for 10-15 minutes before i could continue eating the rest of my plate.
    i went to a chiropractor out of the blue because my dh went for neck pain, and i happened to get a free xray and evaluation as a family member of a patient. i had quite a few subluxations in my "digestive" area - i didnt mention anything to the chiro about my IBS by the way he just mentioned that i might have these symptom and wouldnt be suprised if i had digestive issues. well after a few adjustments ( i think about 4 visits) and a heavy dosage of probiotics he provided me i could eat and was regular and i guess what u would call normal. it was amazing, so i feel like i just need to let some peeps know who have a hard time with eating and flare ups etc that this is also an option as well as diet.
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      Are you allowed coffee? That's a good cure for constipation and getting the bowels moving. Also various exercises can help, e.g. the downward dog pose in yoga, and fitness hula hooping.
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        I reckon the comments about stress and relieving it are of use. There is a direct connection from brain to stomach. If stress is part of the problem, managing distress (as in managing how you feel about your condition and your pain) may well help you.

        I didn't see it mentioned but peppermint tea is good for stress and it relaxes stomach muscles. It can make reflux worse (due to said relaxing effect) but if your problems are below that it may help.

        I agree that you should drink lots of water. I really think that eliminating all grains, legumes, dairy, sugar is the way to go. I admit that I don't understand the raw veg bit.

        You also seem distress about how often you 'go' or is it that you still feel uncomfortable in the stomach?
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          avelin: I actually do not always feel discomfort from not going. I suppose I'm worried and a bit freaked out that I don't go as often as I should. I don't feel this level of constipation is normal. The amount of solid food I eat makes me feel as though I should be going at least once a day. When I do go on that 3rd day it's not always "substantial".

          I admit I get stressed (even though I don't always feel that I am.)

          But the short answer is no, it's not like I feel daily discomfort from not going everyday. I just don't want it to create any problems and potentially become something more dangerous.
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