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  • Phytic acid


    It seems phytic acid is an anti-nutrient. Problem is, it seems most nuts contain a serious amount of this anti-nutrient, almonds especially.
    Does that mean we should avoid them?

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    It depends on how you source them.

    If you buy almonds at the store, chances are they were improperly handled in the sense that they weren't soaked to get rid of the phytic acid, unsaturated fats in them have severely oxidized from roasting, and they've been stored for an extremely long time, which allow molds and even more oxidization to occur. These are the kinds you want to avoid.

    If you can get them fresh from someone's tree, you can simply soak and slow roast them at a low temperature, which will reduce phytic acid content, and minimize oxidization.

    Just want to put it out there that nuts are actually a very processed product. You want to avoid processed stuff as much as possible.
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