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Beans (Kidney, Black, Navy, etc.)

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  • Beans (Kidney, Black, Navy, etc.)

    I'm getting the impression the legumes exclusion (as part of the primal diet) is relatively new as, when researching MDA and this forum, older posts often recommend beans as a super food. In today's Mercola newsletter he takes on grains and legumes, advising against them. Yet on the Huffington Post the other day their health section (where Mercola is a contributor) mentioned beans were essential to a good diet.

    So, is it correct to assume that legumes are just now getting the bad press they deserve, though not yet in the mainstream media outlets?

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    Would it be safe to say my assumption is incorrect, and that beans are okay (in a paleo diet)?


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      Paleo diets in general usually exclude legumes since they contain similiar antinutrients as grains. They also are high in carbs. However, soaked and fermented beans fair a lot better if you pretty active and can handle the carbs.

      Mark recommends excluding legumes.
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        Legumes are practically a necessity for a vegan/vegetarian diet, and anyone on a low fat diet as well. For a paleo/primal-hflc eater, they are generally superfluous and counteract a lot of the benefits of going p/p-hflc in the first place. That's before you get into the anti-nutrients/inflammatory aspects of any particular legume.