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EUROPEAN users of Damage Control / Primal Fuel??

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  • EUROPEAN users of Damage Control / Primal Fuel??

    Hey folks I am new to this forum and if I've hit the wrong category please move this post.

    I've read up on supplements and would really like to incorporate DCMF and Primal Fuel into my daily nutrition. I've emailed the folks at MDA twice and unfortunately haven't heard back yet. So I'll post this here:

    Can the people around Mark Sisson send the product to Germany or any EU country for that matter and if so, has anyone experience how the German custom officals deal with these dietary supplements. I've heard some horror stories from the life-extension-camp about unclear legislation and stubborn/stupid custom officals.

    I'd be happy about any hints that will support me and my new primal ambitions

    Thank you,