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Carb Craving after No-Sleep-Nights

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  • Carb Craving after No-Sleep-Nights

    I'm having a tough time:

    I'm a mom of a two month old so there are some nights when I do not get the amount of sleep I need to function much less thrive. Normally I'm able to keep between 100-150g carbs no problem. But It seems like the days after the harder nights I cannot get enough carbs! We don't have any SAD foods in our house so carbs for me are fruits, nuts, potatoes, etc. I've tried ignoring the craving, I've tried replacing it with another food, I've tried giving into it. I still feel like a bottomless pit! And then I got ill this week and it was even worse!

    I'm I turning to carby food because they're comforting? Is there maybe a physical reason? Should I just stop stressing about it since my carb choices are better and I probably won't lose these last 15 lbs until after I'm done breastfeeding anyway?

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    My youngest is a year old (and I'm still nursing some), but there are still plenty of nights when I don't get enough sleep. I agree - carb cravings are greater the next day.

    I have found what works for me is:

    - a high protein and high fat breakfast
    - coffee
    - naps (I take them when my littlest one naps)
    - snacks when I need them (typically jerky or deviled eggs)
    - a piece of dark chocolate (yum!)
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      I find if I cave to the sweet carbs its a viscous cycle, I become a sugar monger. I would go for something along the lines of: sweet potato home-fries, andouille sausage and poached eggs!!! If you want some carbs eat some carbs, just don't eat crap. Carbs don't inhibit fat loss!!!!
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        Read Lights Out by T.S. Wiley.


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          You are under-slept and tired, so your body is pushing for a fast energy boost, aka sweets and carbs. Try resting as much as you can and eliminate everything that impacts blood sugar (coffee, starches, nuts, dairy, all sugar). At first you might feel really winded (and with a 2 month old on hand it can be impossible), but then the energy will re-balance and the cravings will stop. Try eating fatty meats, like fry a huge pan of ground beef and eat that with eggs, unseasoned. If starch cravings are unbearable, try a peeled white potato or turnip or rutabaga (non-sweet tubers), but if it increases the hunger and cravings, step back to meat and eggs and low sugar veggies.
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            Don't forget to go a little easy on yourself, too. Having a newborn is HARD -- you don't need to be stressing too much about your diet on top of it all. Breastfeeding burns mad calories, so be sure to feed yourself. Eat your fruit. Eat potatoes and nuts. Listen to your cravings.
            And sleep whenever you can. (Remember that even though it feels like it, it isn't forever.)
            It was also my experience that you do indeed hang on to those last 10 or so pounds until you stop breastfeeding, when your body says "okay, I don't need these emergency fat stores for feeding my baby anymore." Remember it took 9 months to put that weight on, so it might take nearly as long to get off. Don't be hard on yourself!
            Best of luck!