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Another neurotic thread to make sure I'm doing this right

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  • Another neurotic thread to make sure I'm doing this right

    I know I know...

    morning: A green smoothie
    the bulk of it is kale or spinach, parsely, mint, cilantro etc
    then there's always a chunk of ginger and juice of 1 lemon, and usually about 1/4 cup of frozen berries
    I also throw in about 1-2 tbs of coconut oil
    (and occasionally add a carrot or grapefruit)
    I'm trying to break my coffee and cream habit, but I have one of those more often than not.

    Then nothing until dinner which is almost always some kind of meat and roasted veggies in oil (macadamia or olive)
    Except on workout days where I might have a hardboiled egg or leftovers or something before working out, if it's possible (I work in a lab and there's no food allowed which often makes lunchtime complicated)

    the smoothie has 30-40 grams of carbs. Is there any issue with eating mostly carbs for breakfast and then not eating the rest of the day? Or any problem with combining the coconut oil with those veggies? I could just have a spoonful of coconut oil in the mornings...

    On weekends I eat more, I usually have eggs for breakfast, some sort of snack or lunch and then my usual dinner. And I usually have a couple glasses of wine on friday/saturday. Or a gin and tonic if I'm out.

    and I might have a 24-36 hour fast once a week, or every other week.
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    any thoughts?


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      Add more fat to your breakfast smoothie. Way more. In the form of coconut milk, coconut cream, or heck, an avocado!

      We women need lots of fat. Helps our crazy hormones balance.
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      Do not allow yourself to become wrapped up in a food 'lifestyle'. That is ego, and you are not that.


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        To me your plan looks short on protein, and I would not be able to handle that many carbs first thing without some protein to counter balance. Maybe consider adding an egg to the shake, or if you're not comfortable with raw eggs, have a hard boiled one with it.