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    Hey All

    I started Pimal life style Jan 1 and down 10 lbs. Does anyone have info on why my weight can flucuate 5 lbs a day? Yesterday I took in 600 less calories than day before and I was 4 lbs heavier this morning.
    Thank you in advance


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    the human body is a crazy cauldron of chemistry. lots of it has to do with water weight and intestinal transit time. but i do believe a lot of it is just kinda... mystery.

    so don't sweat it!


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      Yep. Everyone's weight can fluctuate 5 lbs or so throughout the day. I would get on the scale less often, and don't worry about less than 5 lbs.


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        Salty food can do this easily. It's as stated above, water and diegestion transit time. Just stay on track. Are your clothes feeling looser yet? That's a much better gauge of progress.


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          Do you weigh yourself every day? That will drive you insane. Once week at the same time of day is more than enough. Once a month would be optimum.


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            I'm an obsessive weigher (everyday), but I keep a record on an app that shows it as a line graph. There are always up and down fluctuations. but it helps me see that the overall trend is downward. Very useful for obsessives like myself.
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