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    Does anyone else suffer from sudden-onset snotty nose symptoms? My nose is, as I type, running like a tap (for no obvious reason). I'm having to blow it every 5 minutes, and it came out of nowhere. It started about a half hour ago, and I have no other symptoms. I generally don't suffer from allergies or colds. I feel fine, healthy, and I expect the runny nose will stop in an hour or so (I hope so anyway - it usually does).

    My question then, is, (for anyone who suffers the same phenomena) do you think these incidents of 'snotty nose syndrome' are the body's way of 'detoxing' certain pathogens or chemical pollutants from the body?

    If not, what might be going on with the nose producing all this 'excess' in the absence of any cold, flu or allergy symptoms?

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