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Here's a game! So you're on a car trip...

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  • Here's a game! So you're on a car trip...

    Let's play a game.

    So you're on a long car ride. No time to stop and sit down to eat. You've got $10 in your pocket and you pull into a convenience store to get something to eat and/or drink. What do you get? Let's say for argument's sake it's midday (around noon or 1 p.m.) and you will not reach your until night (let's say 9 p.m.)

    Ready... GO!

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    I could easily I.F. my way to 9p.m. =P

    But, for argument's sake....I'd get a gallon of water ( 98c ), a can of tuna ( 3.99 ) and an apple ( 1.00 ).


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      Assuming I was really hungry, fresh fruit, if available. I'd also buy a packet of dry-roasted almonds or nuts, yeah, I know, oxidation and Omega-6, but I imagine raw nuts would not be available at the gas station. And I might buy some gum because I have a terrible gum addiction.
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        Pack of sugarless gum
        Gallon of water
        Apple, peach, whatever fruit
        a couple hard cooked eggs, if you get lucky enough to find a gas station with them, pickled eggs or a small pack of jerky if you can't get that lucky
        String cheese, if you can get that lucky.
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          I would have generally packed for a trip like that beforehand.

          If i did not, I would pull into a grocery store located along the highway and get 3 cans of sardines, a tomato or a cucumber, and spinach or aragula in a box. Unless smoked salmon is on sale, than I would get smoked fish and greens.
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            It's like, hmm. Should I admit openly that I would buy a few plain all-beef CAFO dogs and ralph them down? Or should I pretend I'd avoid them? Yeah, I'd get a green apple, some nuts and a few hot dog meats. Not like I'm eating them every day.
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              Roll the kid with the apple! Caveman UFC.

              You get to keep your $10 and you score an apple.
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                Big Ed, Snickers, a Slim Jim and a 32oz Dr Pepper and consider my it my 20%.
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                  water, sardines, cheese, nuts, fresh fruit, pre-made ham&cheese sandwhich (feed bread to birds in parking lot)


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                    LOL Knifegill :-)

                    This is giving me a stomachache just reading it! I would get pistachio nuts, water, coffee, and whatever fruit didn't look awful.
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