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Early primal hunger now gone

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  • Early primal hunger now gone

    When I just started primal just over a month or so ago, I could eat and nibble all day to combat hunger feelings. That seems to have vanished altogether. I upped my fat intake a notch compared to the beginning, and with that the hunger bouts have gone. On the contrary. I can do without food for longer periods than before. Often at lunchtime, I don't feel hungry whatsoever, despite having had a normal (primal) breakfast.

    I am sure that it has been explained somewhere on this site, but nevertheless, it is a great phenomenon.

    I am not in this for losing weight, but I have noticed that I have recently become slightly more ripped and packed some muscle, despite down-scaling on exercise frequency from 3-4 times a week to one heavy lifting session and one or two HIIT Tabata sessions.

    Elsewhere on the forum I reported on the positive impact on my sleep, which is amazing and by itself already worth all the effort.

    Although I am usually skeptical, I start seeing the benefits. I will be fully 'in' when my bloodwork shows that cholesterol remains at normal values, despite all the eggs, butter, red meat, etc. I will wait another month and report back on this point.

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    That's my favorite thing about it, not being hungry all the time. I woke up on the second day after throwing out all the bread in the house, and at first I couldn't figure out what was different. Then I realized my stomach wasn't growling.


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      We've been at this just about seven months and lunches are a thing of the past. Just NOT hungry.

      As far as the bloodwork goes, DH is a cardiac patient, has always had very high cholesterol and was very sceptical about eating this way. His most recent bloodwork since starting this shows him in the best possible ranges he could be in for HDL, LDL, triglycerides. He also dropped 30 pounds with very little exercise. If a man of 65 can show these kinds of changes then you[ll be very pleased.
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        Yep. Same experience here.

        Initial hunger, followed by decreased appetite after about 2 weeks primal.

        My beginning bloodwork showed elevated LDL (total cholesterol 299... I'm a solid inside). But I plan to keep at this for 3 months, get another round of bloodwork, and let the results speak for themselves. If my numbers improved, then I will be completely convinced.

        Although, quite honestly, my rapid weight loss and increased energy levels have me pretty much convinced already.
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