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We should make a master list!

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  • We should make a master list!

    A list of almost all whole-foods, rated for two categories; health and weight loss.

    As Mark has stated, all food exists on a spectrum of suitability.

    Nuts are great for good health and nutrition, but sometimes impede weight loss.
    Berries generally have higher levels of antioxidants, and lower GI ratings, than other fruit. Win-win.

    Of course, I think I can only dream, since it would be a considerable undertaking, having to analysis which produce has the most valuable nutrition, etc.

    It would be cool though, since I've seen members asking 'which is better' in threads all the time!

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    problem is people rarely search, so even if you put all this info in one thread it's not going to stop the new threads asking the same questions.
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    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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      honestly i think we could do this and have it stickied ..

      agreed that nuts hurt weight loss for me, also fruit seemed to as well, giving it up got me past platueas ..

      using lard/meat grease over butter seems to make me lose weight faster without fail and has been proven to have benifits (per Staubes)
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        suggestion would be to include some measurement of quantity in there too. grass fed beef is good for health, but depending on how much you eat (and how frequently you eat) it could be used for weight loss or weight gain.
        then again, if the comparison is of grass fed v . grain fed, hands down grass fed is the winner in both the health and weight loss groups.
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          I think this is a great idea, especially if stickied! Gets my vote!
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            my vote +. was going to ask which fruit/fruit juice had highest orac score,lowest gly load values. hearing a lot lately of apple juice benefit.


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              master list?

              meat, eggs, weed, beer.