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I see why Mark doesn't read the forums

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  • I see why Mark doesn't read the forums

    Over the past 4-5 months, after reading Mark's book and making adjustments to my diet, it has occurred to me that people are crazy when it comes to applying theory to their own lives. They get so wrapped up in the details and end up totally missing the point. The constant threads of lipid tests, MUFA vs PUFA, is bacon good?, should I HIIT, should I run 19 miles a day, FRUIT? should I drink whole milk, protein powder, leptin, insuiln, grass fed on a budget, chicken or pork, "I ate a bagel today", coconut flour vs almond flour, OOOOOOhhmega 3!!!! They should seriously lock all threads since everything has been discussed and can be found via the search function. Jesus Christ. It's seriously taxing reading through this shit. Does anyone else see this or am I just nuts (omega-6)?

    I guess I should just stop reading for awhile. Time to move on to something else during lunch
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    Nevermind searching the forums, people don't even read the articles he's listed in Primal Blueprint 101, which would answer all of these questions!
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      Wow- I wonder how high your cortisol shot up there, you should get that tested. Just playin!
      Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"


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        i see that too, but i've learned how to spot the threads that have been done over and over again. granted, most people should use the search function before posting about that weight loss stall they had after a week of primal eating, but i think it's important to remember that people are continually signing up for this, so there will always be new members with similar questions...and answering those questions can be a good thing. my responses and follow up responses from other people really help me clarify my vision on some of these matters. and it really helped to read and respond to posts--even those repeated ones--when i was first starting out. yeah, i'm sick of touting bacon and suggesting ways to deal with family and friends, but some great new topics come up every now and then, and they can be super interesting delving into a topic that mark can only touch upon on his posts.


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          Originally posted by Fernaldo View Post
          or am I just nuts (omega-6)?
          Lol! I agree with your post though! It's easy to get too caught up in everything sometimes
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            you could have just stopped when you said "people are crazy"
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              Lol. Its typical of any forum with long standing members and lots of newbies cycling through. Lots of folks are looking for quick answers and either dont want to or dont have time to research for themselves. I'm a soapmaker and cant remember how many times I've answered, "yes, you realy do have to use lye to make soap."


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                Once upon a time...

                Mark did read the forums and answer questions.

                I have had really good luck just emailing my questions. Sometimes it has taken as much as a week to get an answer but I have always gotten an answer.


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                  What... you think a thread where a person says they are going to "eat primal" by consuming ONLY eggs and warm water is a bit off?
                  Yes, I read something to that effect recently. It gave me a sad.
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                    Originally posted by ELCO14 View Post
                    Wow- I wonder how high your cortisol shot up there, you should get that tested. Just playin!
                    he should eat more bacon



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                      I was gonna make a thread but I'll ask it here.

                      Meat is primal, right? I just ate a whole deep dish pizza and I was worried about the pepperoni toppings.
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                        Fernaldo, I like you.
                        You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                          My own transformation being so self-evident I've been asked a number of times about what worked for me so I loan out the book. The follow up conversation goes like this: "I'll give this a try...but," and with that people tweak primal back to a conventional doomed to failure diet. Some of those people cycle though this forum and land up posting the "why this isn't working or primalize my donut" threads. Easy enough to ignore.
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                            Originally posted by Mike Gager View Post
                            you could have just stopped when you said "people are crazy"
                            People are just lazy and want a quick fix.

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                              Well, I don't know if it's fair to complain about people talking over and over about the same stuff. And I do think it's common on a forum like this one, where newbies (such as myself) are always going to be showing up.

                              For one thing, not everyone is familiar with internet forums and may not realize how the search function works.

                              For another, not every "search" function works well. I've been frustrated on numerous forums because I couldn't find the thread I wanted through the search, even though I knew it was out there somewhere.

                              For another, sometimes if a thread is buried deep from a long time ago, it can be useful to re-ask the question. New members have come, older members have gone, and it's always possible that someone will have a new idea or suggestion.

                              And finally, everyone has a different approach. I have found reading the threads about stalled weight loss very useful, even though my weight loss hasn't stalled. But it does give me lots of tips and suggestions for ways to tweak things so to continue my progression. Is it too focused on the little details? Maybe. But I'm a detail-oriented person.
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