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is bacon good or bad?

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  • is bacon good or bad?

    I have been led to believe that processed meats are bad and bacon is process therefore it is bad. Am i right or wrong here, maybe there is a healthier type of bacon or something? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Nitrate free bacon is good. As natural as you can get it. But on the other hand - I still wouldn't make it a staple of your diet. I think like nuts and seeds it needs to be used in moderation as even though it's a healthier processed food - it's still processed. It's a treat for me.


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      If bacon is bad, I don't want to be right.

      Moderation is the key, as somebody else here put it, it's a condiment.


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        All food must be put into context. You cannot simply single a food out as "good" or "bad", which is a vague generalization.

        I realize this is just one question, which has been answered about 500 times on these forums. But seriously, have you read Mark's book or spent any time on the forums? And btw, user's that can't search for existing topics should have their thread deleted!!
        "The problem with quoting someone on the Internet is, you never know if it's legit" - Abraham Lincoln


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          Gotta cook at least two strips of bacon each morning in order to grease up the pan for a few eggs & veggies omelet.


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            Good bacon is good. Bad bacon is bad.

            Stay away from the plain old grocery store junk. Go find yourself a butcher who makes the real stuff himself. (Or try your hand at making it at home.)


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              no need for nastiness


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                Is this a trick question?

                No, bacon is delicious.

                Also, if we're talking about eating an organic bagel or some nitrate/nitrite-filled bacon from the grocery store, choose the bacon.

                You're welcome!


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                  and the nice thing about bacon is it goes with everything!!!

                  There is a whole restaurant dedicated to it...

                  BACON Austin Texas


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                    you can eat bacon every day, all day, for the rest of your life, and this is a good life.


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                      bacon is very good. have you tried it???